Joseph Trance

Dirty Rag Comes Clean

Scripture: Ephesians 6:12 "But  we battle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities." If you could see inside my dark heart, Would you want to part... From my  company? The lies, the lust, the hatred, the distrust.. The anger, and depression, are you surprised at my confession?. If you could see my anxiety, would you think less of me? If you could see my dark inside: my hubris, my pride... Would you shake your head and say: "No, not him, no way!! If you knew I visit Worry  And sometimes do not hurry to leave... Would you want to scurry to be miles away... Just to breathe?? Well... Here, I break the illusion And while I don't mean to be  Confusion  I Am a Dirty rag coming clean. Now it may be the pandemic And although I'm not academic, Here is my analysis of this whole thing: The virus, the economy  Politics and anarchy, Racial tension, rioting The White House crumbling and foreign spying... All the Ugly, this Dark Despair I just want out of here. ​​​​​​​ But but I can't just walk away, So this is what I need to say: "I have contributed to this mess, Through personal sin and ugliness. So now I want to confess, To leave the pain and all the Stress.. And declare that the blood of Jesus, Will tear and shred the Ugly to pieces. What can wash away my sin... ?? Nothing but the blood of Jesus... ​​​​​​​ Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  

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