Thomas-Otto Heiden

Last Night In Octembbrua

Last night in Octembrua


He drove very slowly, very fast.
Rain did not fall, but snow.
Was very dark sunshine,
and on bare feet
the shoes hurt.
Because they had no soles either.


At the bend he stopped driving
drove straight out into "nowhere."


There was a forest without any trees
and they didn't have any leaves.
But the rich brown green
was terrible, wonderful.


Autumn arrived
in white splendor, gray snow fell.
Ice, lay on the nearby warm lake.


The ducks swam undaunted,
In warm water, full of ice.
A little boy,
in red swimming trunks made of blue fabric,
licked a chocolate vanilla ice cream while drinking.


The boy didn't stop going home
he just sat there cross-legged,
was too lazy to go.


Around him,
was noisy, silent night.
Searched, couldn't find
the alarm clock woke him at eight.


Now tell us, readers of these lines,
how was it with you.


"Last night…"



Thomas-Otto Heiden

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Publié sur sur 22.12.2020.


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