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A voice against stalking I

In a research on stalking I came across a phenomene that is called 

"gangstalking" . 

These days the UN is investigating on these crimes that originate in leaked technology to criminal organisations which allows a global stalking by in a loose network organized way. For more info about this you can have a look at , a start of rising awareness on this argument.

When I was reading more and more about it, I got inspiration to a series of lyrics that is directed to those people who do the stalking and which destroys countless lifes without that society even is aware of what is happening.

It is directed towards the stalkers:



You’re suckers
and cowards,
and brainempty men,
Soldiers of others
without any shame.

You hunt and chase,
you’re dumb,
a disgrace.

You trample with dirt on dignity,
and claim it would be for what?
Rather For your own reputacy.

But reputation by whom?
By a living soul?
Or just in the end for another
victim of life control?

You really seek approval by those?
By those suckers, and fuckers,
abusers and stalkers,
by those who threaten humanity
who once were
differentiated from animals
by their capacity to think for their own,
not like algoritmity.

You let them steal and steal yourself,
You have no own life left,
so you made yourself belief
it is good what they did,
convinced it would be
the only way
to make your mind

survive this unbareable threat.

And instead
of fighting those who killed you,
you even join them,
so aren’t you
in reality even more than just dead?

Is this where the word “undead” comes from?
Neither dead nor alive.
Where is your soul gone?!?


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