Joseph Trance

Jamming Time

  So I walk into the place  alone  on a rainy, gray- cloud Sunday afternoon at 2pm. There is no one in the place except for the cashier who looks about twenty and is twittering on her I-phone and tic-tocking her life away.  I nod to her, but she doesn't look up as she says:
"All blue tags fifty percent off."


I make my way past the spaces of antiques, clothing,  collectables and various vintage items that fill the thrift shop.
    The old spinnet piano is tucked away in a small dark corner much like the spaces I enjoyed as a kid.  I sit on the wooden stool facing the 88's and I close my eyes as I place my hands gently on the ivories. I hear the soft rain dancing on the roof.  I start slowly with a left hand three note blues  base progression and feel the present melt away as I begin a slow, gentle  blues lead.
I'm sixteen again, not sixty. I open my eyes and I'm back in my living room, no longer alone but with Bobby  who is tuning the Martin, Richie fingering his base, Kevin tapping lightly on his drums, and Joel blowing a slow octive lead through a miked- up harmonica.  

  My left hand haults its progression. I stare at the 88 keys before me.  I close my eyes and inhale a deep breath and smell the Maple Walnut wood of the Stony and Clark.  It fills my lungs, and I get lightheaded.  I open my eyes and look at my friends; stare at their young youthful selves and listen to their tentative notes.  The notes that would grow into massive blues songs, and  eventually be heard throughout blues clubs on the West Coast.

  My friends continue to softly jam as I take it all in. My eyes close once more.  I get a flash of the future.  The familes we would have, our homes,  our gigs, our concerts,, our albums..our joys and aand sorrows.

   But all that is for tomorrow and all the tomorrow's  that are to follow.  But this NOW,  this most precious Now is sweet and full and rich with potential.  And as I open my eyes and begin a soft but definite blues lead, I make a determined promise:  I will hold this time, this jamming time forever in my heart.


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