Saskia Charlotte Junker

Corrupt Carabinieri of the entire Province of Verona, Lake Ga

January 2016
I had just arrived at Malcesine and the shocks of the news about the person having died who inherited thw flat to me (at that point I did not knlw yet that this person did neither deserve frieve nor was dead at all bur is STILL living the rich pension life of a former Secret Service employee in Switzerland. Kanton Solothurn. (that german former state agents go into retirement in a different way has been confirmed by the FBI officer who approaches me in Washington DC a few months ago after I had talked wirh someone from the Russian embassy but this is a different chapter).
However I was still shocked by that news but even more by the devastaring effects of the tremendous persecutio and attempts of murder towards me throughout 2015 (thats why I always remained silent after Altenmarkt 2017 because I thought Fried Heinz Theodor Junker had faked his death due to attempts of murder towards him).

My phones were compromised.My emails were compeomised. Wherever I went persecuting people showed up. Whoever I talked to people were contacted afterwards and told lies about me.

At that point I still thought to have a good contact to Enrico Saglia, Giuseppe Saglia and at least a lolite contact to Orietta Tobaldini Saglia and I as well because I wanted to advise them I shared my concerns.
they had been always presented as good acquaintances to Fries Heinz Theodor and they after all always took care of the -now my- apartment seen he only was there for 3 weeks in summer and for the rest friends a d colleauges of him who made vacation there. So they had always the keys and paid the normal bills after Fries Heinz Theodor Junker would give them money for it.
why he was incapable to pay directly remains an absurd mystery for me. As a companyowner you would expect him to be capable to take care of such things in person.

So I shared my concerns and Orietta had the (self)caring idea I should go to the local Carabinieri of Malcesine to share to them and when I told my concerns about the previous negative experience with police in Heidelberg in Autumn 2015 (they just advised me to contact relatives and did not feel responsible to take a police report about stalking since 2007), she said well..dont worry ..all people here go to the carabinieri when there are problems like that.
I had my doubts but at one day I walked into the wellprepared trap.
I did ring the bell to the carabinieri office next to the Eurospar Malcesine and in the beginning all seemed normal.
the carabinieri opened the door did let me in and listened with attention to what I had to say.
But exact 10minutes after I had entered a person rushed into the entrance and telling to someone "it is the junker". An instant later it was knocked on the door and thr carabinieri I was talking to was asked outside. He vanished for 10 to 15 minutes thrn came back.I dont know whether he even apologized. Maybe he did using it ad an excuse to offer me a glass with water. But his entire behaviour changes. Instead od proceeding in the manner of before he treated me like disabled and crazy in thr way people talk to a crazy insane person or what often id notices how inexperienced people talk to a dement person. It wad disgusting.
I dont remember the rest of the conversation and I am not lieing on thid. I simply dont remember. Whether I after all filed report or not.
But ever after whenever they saw me they treated me in a weird way except of 1 person but after 2018 I never saw him that one again. He might if he was lucky have changed to a different place without incompetent persons.

May or June 2017
Still nothing had changed in regards to the persecution and air seemed to have to do with my passport because whenever I registered with it C1YK3C4M0 issued in Germany in June 2015 the next day latest sometimes within a few hours people would show up and if I did not take precautions there were people who would try to enter ny bedroom during the night leaving me with injection dots at the neck and with absurd dreams.some of abuse others of weird interrogations (up to the day of today nothing changed in that) where I did my best to tell them nonsense seen I was aware of a lot going on. Whatever they had been using for it my bodysystem was already so used to it that if they had wanted to numb me out they would have killed me by it (already in 2017).
It was now a few weeks ago that I had been back from Spain where I had taken the flight to from Austria in February and started to work as a tourguide for Lagotourist and Goethe travels who work together with the buscompany BREG for the day excursions to Verona, Venice, atound Lake Garda , to South tirol and vinyards of the region.
I enjoyed the job and according to the tips I made from yhe beginning I was not bad either.
i gave an individual tour and shared not ehat each and everyone was able to read on wikipedia but added as this is why I would book an excursion the knowledge about soviety and culture and made it a pleasant excursion for as much as possible.Well..who ever booked a bus excursion with 60 -most elderly people- knows that there are always some elderly who book the tour only to make inappropriate comments because they sre bored by their own life. But for the most I managed it well and learnes a lot about jindergarden behaviour of some tpurists who on PURPOSE came late to scheduled times or who tried to pretend they would not have receives an information what did lead to the for probably many then annoying effect that from then on I had to waste a lot of time by repeating simple announcements of time and place 10 times instead od normal 3 times.
there had been some prepararion tours where one went with another colleague guide to see the tours and there started to happen once again sth that I hope with those new registrations some of my readers here will be able to trace back who did say it to whom and the background to it.
They must have thought that Ibwould be tired or not kistening but I did attentively to what the tourguide said to the bus driver "invece che mandono qualcuno chi sa fare il lavoro andremo tutti in carcere".
whether it was her or her colleauge who came originally from SerboCroatia Kosovo I dont remember but on the way to and after I had picked up my car in Austria I did not deive straight back but followed the suggestion of people from Piedmont to drive to Splitvica Lake in Croatia and that it would be a beautyful nature areal, which is very true. It is a beautyful destination to visit. However on the way to and from there were omce again several attempts of drugged food , violations of rooms and infiktrations into the bus that took me from Piedmont to Austria. Already at the parking there were giggling girls who observed me and made comments about me finally being back to take the (newly?) modified car back that had been there for about 2 months). I had constant stalkers behind me as well there and at Splitvica Lake next to my car were parked cars from the refion of Braunschweig and Hannover. The places of horror of 2014 and 2015. But all of what had happened was kindergarden games in confrontation to what I had been theough in the previous weeks.So i just shook my head about their sillyness and those absured stupid attempts to get rid of me and did ride back.

So when I heard the tourguide making that comment to the busdriver I was not surprised but was not sure yet whether it referred to me or not.I mean there Always remains the tiny possibility that they did intend someone else.Though i knew pretty well they were talking about me seen their launched inner attention towards me which feom my shiatsu energywork training I immediately perceive and know to locate in most cases as well. And apart from that.Not that it would be better because evidently they had done crimes they would selfaware going into prison for.
A few minutes later they were talking about something regards Flix bus and seen I did use flixbus in germany to travel long distance I joined at some point the conversation.You should have seen the reaction of the tourguide. She lost her entire face expression when she realized that I had heared everything. Quite amusing actually. I even dared to say shortly afterwards to both. No worry you wont go into prison or something like that. At that point not knowing what really had been done to me and their parts into it.
Apart from that there were worse things to worry about because I had unwelcome guests within the tourbookings.
Some even knew the lawyer Ingo Haiges from Munich responsible for the testaments of Fries Heinz Theodor Junker who in 2016 had just laughed and not taken serious when I seeked help regards the violations of my flat or the nightly abuse. As well regards the cat he just was making comments that maybe the cat would let have entered the people. And whenever I had tried to get info regards the proceeding of the heritage and the flat at lake garda he only took my new emailadres and telephonenumber and his secretary giggling when I called making sidecomments to someone else and then I did not hear anything further.but shortly afterwards phone and emailadresses had become useless some point I stopped calling and referred only directly to the tribunal with whom started to communicate Marco Magri and Enzo Conte from 2018 onwards. A commercialist and a lawyer from Bolzano suggested to me by someone from Lake Garda.
So it was very concerning to me when Inrealized an entire excursion geoup did KNOW ingo haiges seen it had been the last attempt i had been reaching out to him in a break because their had been attempts of murder previously and the guests for some readons seemed to have eavedropped it. Through their special communication they were just laughing. On that day I had headache and and felt sick after work. Did they manipulate somwthing of the beverages of the tour? Or was it still the effect of the other tour I had done?
a few days earlier to that I had done a tour around lake garda with a full bus. When I came back to the bus shortly afterwards that I statted to talk to the guests brainfog headed in.I realized that the microphone was contaminated with the contact poison I had faced already in my very own flat often after return to it or in my make up in 2016 (i for sure was not allerfic to the make up itself.knowing my skim I had invested 150 euro for the makeup that was demanded by my first workplace club hotel olivi malceaine for the work at the reception and the make up was entirely fine for the first weeks).
I lost concentration and brainfog headed in.I forgot entirely what I was to say next and in one moment I almost fell down. Fortunately it was almost at the end of the tour only 30 minutes left.
Two guests did notice it and I figured it was the nice russians who had joined the excursions. She looked at me closely and asked whether everything would be okay.
she knew what happened and was worried. She had recognized the effect of the contact poison used by the secret service of the Ukraine.
However being responsible for almost 60persons on board I kept professional and pretended everything wpuld be okay and simply shortened the amount of what I said.
exactly in that moment a guest who reminded me a little bit of Ursel Junker Herrchenbach , the second wife of Fries Heinz Theodor Junker but from England headed in and made a bunch of questions she wanted to get answered precisely. She had been silent during the entire excursion and almost been invisible but out of a sudden she started to ask questions? suspect od sth wrong turned out to be confirmed seen she filed complains at my boss I would not have told everything and wpuld not have known the information etc. I had made a detailed report to my documentation of this incident so I was able to let my boss know what really had been happening regards that lady. But i had not the trust to tell her about the contact poison.not knowing who involved into everything and who another excursion i had 2 people sitting directly behind me.they had insisted to receive the front row as all those set yps who were sent which made it practically easier for me to identify them.
One morning there was following conversation between those 4 row passengers.
"One seasonike this and she is ready for the psychiatry"(exactly she said "eine saison wie diese und sie ist reif fuer die klapse" and they were laughing their heart out thinking I would not have eavedropped it. Well.they were sitting behind me.dis they think I was deaf?
as well one of them askes the person next to her "how many little bottles do you still have of the substance?" 
Other guests had more intelligence and after the day they said "she is not disabled at all". Disabled?! Well.whoever was so nuts ro tell them such things.indeed I am NOT disabled. 
or as well others seemed to regret what they were sent for. "Das hat sie wirklich nicht verdient. DIE haben 2 erwachsene Soehne und sind steinreich und sie macht einen super Job." (This she did really not deserve. They have two grown up sons amd are super rich while she is making a great job.)
But wrll..none of those people were courageous enough to confront me anf to tell me the truth.
it had started already with the very first excursion I had done omce where old infiltrated ladies were bothering me during the entire journey.l with useless and inappropriate questions such as making questions about lake garda itself whilenshe had booked the verona tour and i had not been prepared yet for the lake garda tour.
The next day at least one of those ladies waited at the bus stop at me and apologised mumbling something about "selbstjustiz" self justice. Whatever she meant with that because there was nothing i had done that someone should take revenge towards me.
neither a crime nor anything else.
another time there was a person who constantly tried to take picyures and even videos of me and when I approaches him in Verona to please stop doing so he arrogantly said that it would be in public so he would be according to law be allowed to take photos as well of me. Ok. A photostalker. But this piece of law at least helped me during the last years to take a lot of photos of MY stalkers or people who had been corrupted to tell bullshit.
but back then it was simply annoying still been annoyed by the photostalkers in austria who dared to go so far to make a photo of ME while riding their car next to mine.
The next time I announced to my nice group of guests "In respect to the privacy of all of our guests pelease no voice or video recordings or photos on the bus. Some must have thought we had peominence on board. Well it made it for them even more exciting seen they started to figure out who might be the reqson for this in their group.
while another person revealed himself saying "da wird aber einwr enttaeuscht sein" (oh. Someone will be very disappointed about this). After the situation in altenmarkt I had no reqson to doubt anymore that fried heimz theodor junker did let surveille and persecute me wherever I was. What a bitch of a man. Slowly but surely it became more and more obvious that he must have been involved into a lot of things already for years but I still had the tiny hope he would have faked his death due to murder attempts and not due to abuse of power that he evidently applied or applies as well like several others in annotations mentioned people theoughout my life.

So though I really enjoyed my job on the bus seen there were as well a lot of good guests and they enjoyed my way of presentation and organizing everything and it was the job with the most independemce at lake garda one will ever dind unless having an own property or business which however will be destroyed if you are not from lake garda or bow your head to disgusting church people.
so depsite of my education at university and my advanved healing education where in the previous years had been working with clients between 7 and 90 years old and implemented a therapeutical worplace that still exists in prp seniore hamburg where treatments were given by me to personnel and elderly people and management and working interdisciplinaire with the other disciplines and having then inteoduced a new workwr into that CREATED employment and working selfemployed fro a few years was the best job I could have had at Lake garda being indorect capable to implement and aplly knkwledge from my shiatsu work towards my geoup to create a comfortable athmosphere for everyone.

However the incidents became constantly more dangerpus amd the amount of infiltrated harmdoers did rise more and more seen with the just 10 percent infiltrated I had dealt too easily.
so I took a few days off. Then I shared my decision that I eould have to quit. Probably colleagues later told bullshit but I did not care about it.

i had started to sleep in the MEET hostel in Peschiera paying from the received tip already a few weeks ago to prevent the nightly violations in my flat that kept going but I made a cruvial mistake. I was asked after an offered beverage where I would be going when I asked to be dropped in Peschiera instead of at Malcesine and andwered honestly. 2 nights later Ibhad a nightly violation as well in the MEET hostel.
when i did the check out the next morning I heard the serbian emoyee say to a colleague "and if she files poloce report?" .I pretended to not have heard it and anyway I had no interest in doing that seen my previous experiwnces with police and the warning as well of Andrea Dorigoni to never file poloce reports at lake garda for abuse because if one cannot provide direct peoof for it they will rather blame you for being guilty for it instead of arresting the abusers.

So after that bus with 95percent sent people who in addition knew ingo haiges I had neither a place to go nor a possibility to co tinue.

so my decision was taken.
I took the train to Piedmont where I had made acquaintance with some people who work on the cruiseships and who were enthousiast meeting me and encouraging me to apply for the job aftet I told them that I already in 2007 and 2011 had tries to apply for an employment on one of the cruiseships.
I had planned it for AFTER the summer season wirh the intention to by then having gained even more experience in the tourism field.
but the situation did not leave alternatives. I went to piedmont and tried to get in touch with the acquaintances ai made but it turned out they were not direct acquaintances of my friens on the cruiseships.
However they assisted me with an email of theirs to send CV and application and seen I had still issues wirh my passport and was in a different province of italy I asked whether they would be willing to accompany me to the local carabinkeri station to let check what would be wrong wirh my passport.
When they saw me and my request  they said to come back about an hour later because they would be vwry busy in that moment.
We came back and were led into the wairing room.separated to the othet room with the typical mirrorwindows one knows from TV.
After about 15 minutes Inheard someonenin the next room making a phonecall..
They were talking about lake garda and some things.
Then the following. 
"Well.whatever they say.this person is not insane.".
Then they asked us in and asked me for the reason of my visit.
i explained without mentioning the abuse that Ibregularly would have issues in places after registrating with my passport and whether they would be able to check on it whether there are any problems with it.
he said he could check onnit and filled in the data and said he would not see any issues with it and made another phonecall .this time directly with malcesine.
on the othet end someone mumbled something about a mother who would have contacted them to surveille me because i would be insane. The carabinieri of liedmont looks at me and sais.well.this is absolutely not the case. Then i hear the persin mumbling in malcesine domething about high corruption sums. 
the carabinieri shakes his head and simply amswers. "Eell.This is your problem then.she is fine."

The perdon eho acvompanied me there had perceived the same and makes an indirect comment towards the carabinieri that shows appeoval foe his behaviour and at the same time making clear that he had eavedroppes it as well.

Relieved I exit the military police station (the carabinieri in italy report to the italian military) and for at least the next months my passport C1YK3C4M0 does not cause me any issues anymore.

In the lrepararion for my cruiseemployment to which I had the succesful employment video interview from a by someone else owned computer I traveles to Hamburg for a FEDERAL MEDICAL CERTIFICATE by the MARITIME medical center Onshore and as well there I receive full confirmation about full health. And they must know it seen they evaluate each day whether officers and captains or other people should work on vessels being responsible and coresponsible for the safety of up to 10000 people in the middle of the ocean. You might be able to corrupt someone to declare you sick but for sure not a medical who decides on such things to declare you for healthy when you are not.
I traveled ro arenzano for the prepararion course of the cruise line in liguria which I passed successfully and then I travelled to Rostock for thr intense Safety prepararion courses for Cruisefarers that have to been accomplished before working on a cruiseship.
in the meanswile until my embarkation I studied traceled liguria visited frienda in nijmwgen where i got the vaccines neccessary for boarding at another health center where as well thwre were no doubts about my health despite of all the persecution stress that of course did not stop at any place i had been.

(Infiltrarions from munich in the course in arenzano and as well from a state agency to isolate me from the others to prevent i could make friends.i made friends nonetheless with whom i kept in touch for long until fb and phones were so compromised and all corrupted that i was not able to reach out to them anymore, infiltrations from.braunsvhweig and hannover in rostock, infiktrations and nightly violations of my tent in lkguria with sabotage of the statt motor of my car and something they did to my teeth causing an inflammation and manipulated toothpaste similar to the manipulated toothpaste in my flat in malcesine..-to anyone in similar situations I can recommend you thr solid toothpaste but make sure noone interferes wirh the supply chain othwrwise they will swap the tablets with drugs and put it into a sealed bottle seen secret services have these poison on clothing at the camp site at lago diseo, harassment by a woman at lago diseo who offered me to prostitute me with her, Infiltrations and the biggest amount kf contact poison i had ever seen in the hotel in copenhagen the night before embarking on my bedsheets..well.. All those incidents you can read detailed in different chapters... )


What happened in austria and on the way to austria in
february 2017 you can read in the from the talian
version published chapters scappata per austria 1 and 2.
The translation function of most smart and iphones can
translate you the chapters in case you dont speak
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