Saskia Charlotte Junker

The family Schneider Herrchenbach and their entitlements

I just wanted to add that everything has as well to do with a family SCHNEIDER, Helmuth Schneider, Beate Schneider and
Dorothee Schneider.
I saw them 3-5 times in my childhood. Afterwards not any kre. They were good friends to Mechthild and to Uschi (ursel
I remember that Helmuth was a big round man like a ball practically ans little blue eyes and i was about three years old
when I realized and found it funny that he had a thick gold ring with a huge black stone around his finger. I never had seen
a man with such a ring in my life before.
I saw his daughter the last time. They had a wood and mobikiar trade company.
His wife beate was eleme tary school teacher.
And I saw dorothee or as well called DODO for thr last time on the birth of Laurs Frwncesca on 30th of september 1989
because she did babysit us while mechthild and michael were in the hospital for the birth.
The last time I saw helmuth and beate was at mechthild in 1993 during the divorce process of mechthild and michael and
where there were foeces visiting regulations. Eventually it was thr same weekend they had uschi and fried heinz teodor
junker (as well called Tho) as visitors which was strange seen they asked something handwritten from me.
They were all invited to do fake testimony seen they tried to force me to grow up with mechthild.
I came to know that they tried to corrupt one of thr prreons who evaluated for thr decision on thr judge to say that michael
would be insane.
Ever after 1993 I never saw anyone if them again.
I talked in 2016 shortly to helmuth on the phone regards the death of tho and he tried to CONVINCE me I should better sell
my flat for 400000 to someone. An insane thought seen throughout since 2007 my life had bren sabotaged and up to thr
day of today i dont even have a prnsionfonds and seen 5 heritages have been stolen from me and thr identitythedt still not
resolved it is the only at some point possibility to generate some money when i come to pension age.
He tried as well to convince me to come to the 80th birthday of beate wherr he would have invited each and everyone i did
not want to be in touch and i refused the invite.
There was no reason at all to meet them seen i had no positive memories to those people at all.
So i did not go and i never saw them again.
But they seem to be involved i to the organized peresecution throughout the years and thry arr directly connected to the
frequency communication system.

I had as well a short telephonic contact to Uschi in 2016 seen she was the second wife and widow of fried heinz theodor junker trying to get information and explanations about what happened and asked her as well when she would have seen tho for the ladt time.her answer was ."shortly before his death".
i called with a person called elfie or elfreide techner who knew uschi and as well helmuth and she said that this would be very weird because she would mever have seen uschi at any time to visit tho in thr hospital and she would consider her as a dangerous cold hysteric person. This was interesting. The coldness i had perceived as well eversince a kid but not the hystery seen she semed to be a very selfdisciplined xontrolled lady.
I remember only to have seen once her parents at my age of 2 dyeing christmas when everyone demanded me to tell the old herrchenbachs a christmas poem which i did not want because all the attention was directed towards me and they seemed to put me under pressure to expose myself with it. 

Uschi then did send me a nasty letter that she did not understand why at all inwould have contacted her because she would have ssen me eversince thr dicorce process as a cold nasty person towards everyone.

well..what a surprise. Seen they corrupted people and tried to corrupt people already back then to tell lies.
They manages with frau runpfswinkel who when confronted said "i am just a tiny wheel in a big machine" but they did not manage with frau vogel thr by theodor junker hired and launched psychologue to tell lies about the state of health.
They wanted her to say michael would be insane and wanted to give her money or promotion for it.
She was the first part of thr experimental psychoterror for 2 years each week coming with new experimental bullshit ordered and paif by the tribunal of muelheim an der ruhr who most probably therefor and being aware of their crimes and experiments did not help in 2017 but did send then the persons from UNNA to infiktrate into the von bock straße police station where the person at court where i had asked assistance against the junker wand stalking had sent me.

So. Slowly but surely more information regards Ursel
called Uschi Herrchenbach, thr 2nd wife of Theodor
She and Theodor Junker called Tho knew each other
because both of them worked for state agencies.

Her parents were elite members of German military.

There are infos that she is directly relative to the REAL
This turned out to be the case when people had
confused me with Samanta and said that Uschi and Tho
would be my parents. Well..this is impossible.
She had co tacts to Unna and to thr Marienhospital
Muelheim an der Ruhr in which fried heinz theodor
junker called tho died. Many years before she and tho
gave donations to that hospital.there was even a
newspaper article about this happening.

When I called her in 2016 apart from her coldhanded
letter she was very insulting.
She practically admitted that she was part of the lifelong
monitoring of my life mentioning a cemitery in Triest
where I with a friend once did a walk because ir was the
shortcut to a rocknroll concert and as well she said in a
reciting way she would have a special favour for canons
referring to one of my songlyrics "fuckoff stalkers" that I
in those days was singing in my flat at lake garda and
someone evidently was incapable of english thinking i
would sing an unknown canon.the most idiotic comment
she made was when i asked for assistance in the
persecution eversimce carl loges military experimental
place and stalkers that she ljterally quoted a saying of
mine and twisted words around that i had been saying a
few weeks earlier.

For the rest as said the last time i saw that lady in lerson
i was about 8 years old in greven reckenfeld and she did
not talk a lot.she only had a firm strict almost marbled
And i remember her at my age of 4 when we had the
hungarian aupair girl who tuened out to have been
corrupted by someone to pretend michael would have
tried to have an affair woth her whoch was bekieved by
mechthild who then started an affair with a person she
then for 20years had a relationship with and which
destroyed the marriage between michael and mechthild
which was not perfect but would have hold long enough
u til all would have been adult provifing a good
environment.shortly after that hungarian girl she started
her evening highschool was suggested to thr
studienstiftung des deutschen volkes and thrn made
belief a lot of nasty things. If their marriage would have
hold long enough the long planned inteigue and planned
experiments would not have worked out the way all had
planned it in detail.

Funny enough though they all planned it such as in
"mitgehangen mitgefangen" helmut and uschi hate each
other and uschi was not shy to say about helmut that he
would always put his hands into other peoples business.

Fries heinz theodor knew helmuth from childhood days.
Elfried teschner called elfie was admired by helmuth and
by tho .
She said sth interrsting to me.
She had been pregnant but she lost her grown up child.
It did not sound as if she was married.
But she told me she absolutely would recommend me to
secure the door additionally in malcesine and when she
said sth about she would consider uschi as a dangerous
person she added however that she would not be afraid
and that everafter the death respectively loss of her
child she wouls not have been afraid anymkre of
anything or anyone.
As if the death of her child had not been a matural one
and ahe would know who was responsible for that death.
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