Antonio Justel Rodriguez


…unpublished and neat, in light the free girls were anointed;
they saw them in their inner being;
Their breasts were jugs of fire,
seas and rivers,
pure snow,
crystal rains;

... intimate survivors of fear and pain, from huge wars they came, from sudden battles,
and of that silence with which the heroes instruct and cement
the art of being and dying;

[…The warrior of light devastates the blood that gives the living rose of him,
he cites eternity, faces it, feels and lives,
for he is the fire/king
and the fallen,
the endless resurrected,
wandering genius who risks reason and heart in front of the world,
he wins, and is a breath of humility]

…when the girls intercepted the virile souls, ah, at that very moment
they inflamed their lives, they conquered the peaks of death and everything real became present
in his eternal being, the I in his enormous and indestructible freedom:
the pristine ideal of him, the always now.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Publié sur sur 09.01.2023.


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