Joseph Trance

The Love of God

     I've felt His Peace reading Scripture,
     His Power, when I have been a Victor.
      I've heard His voice  in hymns and prayers,
      and while worshipping Him have delved into
                 layers, of soothing comfort.
        But it wasn't until the diagnosis of cancer
        that I truly experienced the answer to the
       question,  "How Deep is His Love?"

          For when I heard the doctor 's report,
          Immediately I sensed within dark
         thoughts,  an assurance I'd never known before.
          So clearly in my Spirit, and in echoes I could
          Hear it, The words over and over,
          "Do Not Fear It,  I've got this."

             And then what followed was Favor,
              and I did not have to labour, 
              and my heart did not waver as He showed
             The depth of His Love.
              The  nearby surgeon was one of the best, 
               and on his reputation I did rest,
            Appointments were cancelled, making 
             room for me, and the three month's wait
             for surgery,
             Was reduced to three...weeks!
               They said I'd need chemo,
                Though they got all of the tumor,
                And the chrmo turned out to br
                was just  a rumor,  and I was declared
                 cancer free!I 

                   I knew that I had heard His Voice
                   And I shall forever rejoice,
                    For the miraculous depth of
                     Of His Love, and His Words, 
                       "I've got this."







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Publié sur sur 22.05.2023.


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