Harry Schloßmacher

The earthlings only want to go to the stars!

 ... Mankind was not known at all like that. Everywhere only spaceships were built + quickly to the countless launch pads with them. Almost every minute one launched: relatively small - with medium size + giant space cruiser. People could choose: More scientifically equipped or purely pleasure-oriented or the mixed forms.
There was also a boom in backside moon giant telescopes ... optical + for all wavebands relevant here. After all, they wanted to know as precisely as possible where the space flight was going. EARTH-SAME exoplanets such as comparable large moons had already been discovered in large numbers! The clear majority of the Terrans opted for named planets + moons.
Earth-Moon, Mars + Saturn's big moon Titan were - from a cosmical point of view - easily accessible, but at least in the long run too unattractive + hostile to life for them. In addition, it should be pretty tight if large masses of new residents would only be distributed among these 3! So they remained more of a domain for numerous pioneers of adventurers and researchers.

 Most earthlings had never been interested in astronomy + space travel. And suddenly everything was subordinated to only these 2 topics. Climate change - scarcity of resources - overpopulation - sexual offenses and much, much more, interested no one from one day to the next! What was going on on Terra? Could a new kind of brain virus be rampant?
The great departure into space brought the countries of the earth together again. Why should one still argue + fight each other when everyone was now dependent on each other and helping each other had to be capitalized. That even welded together what didn't necessarily belong together ... for the mega-exodus with an incredible number of spaceships.
From above there was a never-ending brisk activity on all continents, as if from giant ants. And at numerous space stations many tears flowed; because often family, relatives + friends did not come up with an exoplanet target denominator. Even the choice of spaceship type divided. And then it was just a hard goodbye forever.

At some point all the "earth refugees" were on their way. And then came the day when a 10km asteroid just missed the globe. Who would have thought ? ?
Those who stayed behind were astonished and wept from the happiness of surviving. A new humanity would emerge, which now had plenty of space again. It could no longer be clarified whether trajectory calculation errors or calculation were involved. With the latter: How else could so many people have been so motivated and spread relatively quickly in the cosmos? In any case, they would never find out more about the extremely surprising asteroid fly-by...

Mankind thus secured its survival through widespread cosmic expansion; because the day of an all-destroying asteroid/comet impact is surely coming...


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