Uzair Waseem

Love without Sight

Who is she? I use to wake up and ask myself. This was not the first time I saw her in my dream. I had no idea, but I used to see her almost twice a week while sleeping. Although I saw her so many times in my dreams, still I could not remember neither her face nor any thing else. The only thing I remember was her “voice”. Although she never spoke much and whenever she was about to say something I always woke up. I saw her at many different places, which were coincidently located near my house. I went to all those places but never found her. However, I wanted to meet her. Just once, so that I could ask her that “Why Me?”. Let me tell you! I am not in love with her! This was how I used to satisfy myself until I found her……………..


(Flash back)


It was a pleasant morning of summer vacation. I was getting ready for my job in nearby mall. It was quite a long time since I had my last dream. Therefore, I was happy of getting rid of it. I almost forgot everything about that dream. Nevertheless, remember her voice! Yes, that was still in my mind. However, it was not my fault; I never heard that voice in my life. So unique!. After working in that mall, I was so happy, after all now I have no time to think about that dream. One night, after almost 1 month, I saw her again! But this time in real!! Can you believe it? Well let me tell you, that is not all!. Now, I will tell you what really happened. I was working in that mall when something grabbed my attention. A girl, probably 18, tall, skinny and exceptionally beautiful, in short, she was a living Barbie doll. She was walking towards me and I was standing holding my breath, doing nothing!. While walking she opened her purse and took a small stick out of it. She opened it and started hitting it on the ground. “What is she up to?, I asked my self. Slowly and gradually, she came towards me and was knocked by someone that made her fall on me making her touch my face. As soon as she touched my face, she started crying and spreading her hands on my face, like she was trying to feel something. Finally she shouted, “I finally found you!!”, at that time I was shocked like someone pulled the land out of my feet! Not because she said that, but because I heard that! Heard what?, her “VOICE”!. it was she!! I cannot believe, it was the same voice I was living with for such a long time. That voice finally has a face now. I asked her, that what she means by that she finally found me as I was looking for her too (sometime before). She explained that she was going trough the same thing for quite a long time, just like me! However, she saw me clearly and even touched me. With that touch she made my sculpture so that he she could have that feel saved. Now, when she touched me in real, she came to know that I am the one. When I asked her that why did she made my sculpture in order to save that feeling? She replied that she could not remember that feeling for a very long time so she needs to do that, before she forgets.


“Why are you emphasizing so much on feeling?” I asked her, “You


can see me! cant you?!”


 “Yes! I can’t” she replied.


“Remember! She took that stick out of her purse?”


Getting involved in that conversation, I did not really noticed that. “She was blind”. “How one can expect his life without sight? She was so beautiful! (I do not know whether she knows it or not).

Nevertheless, I do not care!, So what, if she cannot not see, at least she can feel that love in her heart ,“unlike” me. I wanted to tell her, about my dream too. However, I could not do that, as I was so happy to forget her! I never felt so guilty in my life.

(Well Come Back)


Now, it is almost 3 years that we both are together. She is still unaware of my dream; I will never tell her until she will get her eyesight back. Well you know what! I still do not care that if she will get her eyesight back or not. I love her the way she was, she is, and I will love her if she will remain like this too. What if she cant see!! I can see and I will make sure that she will see every beautiful thing of this world through my eyes.



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