Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (5)

Scene                                                     WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

13                    Before the internal eyes of the reading men a quite young type appears, anyhow thrilling 
                        looking: ruffled, one could know long hair, slender, almost quite thinly and... the face?
                        He waves to an imaginary audience which also follows him. Few minutes ago he meets a no 
                        more completely young woman, but masterfully looking: deep-blue costume, glasses in a 
                        silver chain around the neck, elegant hairstyle - briefly - comfortable shoes with which 
                        woman can also run...

14                                                          INSIDE - OFFICE - MEET

                       "The young man wants to become audacious real and also ask thus, but in the look of the 
                         woman he recognises: here something is not right, she looks very worried?"

                       "Of course you are pretty welcome to me, also by order of my boss, but you will understand 
                        that we have everybody here very little time. So please no more than 15-20 questions?"

                        This short announcement is enough. Best he would have broken off at this point, would  
                        have  apologised politely and would have gone. But now he must pull through this.

                                                                         Representative of the media (announcer)
                       "Then I would immediately like to put the first question which moves certainly not only me: 
                         how long do you work already here?" (1.)

                         To him strikes immediately that she looks unobtrusively at a note slip of paper. One must 
                         know this however, thus?!

                       "We everybody work here for about five years, I the first one."

                        Besides, she smiles very unnatural, tries to calm down.

                                                                         Voice of the announcer off-screen
                       "This will not be your only problem here, girl."

                                                                          Representative of the media (announcer)
                       "Then fast the second question: what do you admire in the boss mostly?" (2.)

                       "She is there not only if one needs them, she knows immediately a solution."

                        Besides, she looks very much intently at the wall to her towards.
                        When the young man turns round, the text on the tele-board becomes just still blurred on 
                        time. Rehearsed sentences?

                        Before it becomes still too embarrassing, he continues, he must bring so much as possible 
                        about cardboard town in experience.

                                                                         Representative of the media (announcer)
                       "You may say us which films are particularly compiled here?"

                        With it he has met a very sore point, she shakes indiscernibly the head and says, instead:

                       "Possibly I may say it when these films are ready."

                                                                         Voice of the speaker off-screen
                       "The bird is soon hopefully away, I catch now anyhow in to sweat, moreover, I know this 
                         face - long ago...?"

                       "And, besides, she is right: it is the face of RF, only 20 years younger, at least. How is this 
                        possible? RF, still cult, observed since some time: his fans, even students of the theatrical 
                        school let themselves operate even the face suitably, so that they as look as he."

                        And at this point both men on hear to read, not because it seems to them too fanciful, not at 
                        all: what cannot be confessed in Europe like that: she guesses it virtually?
                        RF, not only abbreviation for

                        République française, the French name for France

                        relative air humidity

                        and other more, also him one honoured in this manner. No other artist might take up 
                        from...    for himself to shorten his name so.

 15                                     INSIDE - Ralph `see day room in the theatre - day

                        RALPH returns first in the reality. This operation mania from sometime around itself had 
                        reached, should fulfil two purposes: to become famous particularly by just this face and to 
                        attract attention. Also if one never planned to become an actor. Ralph remembered his own 
                        time as a theatrical student: his face had simply become without operation in such a way, 
                        however, gave many people who did not take this from him, with Ralf it was just. Only  
                        when   to both young men was confirmed by official side: neither operation nor other 
                        manipulations were given, the press gave rest.

                        RALF cleared the throat where pull there him Ralph scrutinised and asked what is then.

                       "Permit that I I in the bath make freshly."

                        Ralph laughed resounding, as usual, if to speak thus Ralf with this excessive number (also 
                        with THE stress.) got cracking.

                       "I permit even more, today we permit ourselves with RF to appear in one special hour, get  
                        away, oh: before I will still proceed there where even only emperors must be."

                       "Special hour with RF developed as follows: because his art of representation was famous 
                        and, moreover, he informed, even the actors who already had engagements enough came. 
                        These hung on his lips like the rest of the troop also." 

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