Meike Schrut

Of the devil's son

In the country where the sun and moon meet a magician lived once. His empire spread on 13 islands. 13 kings ruled in his name and had to appear to the magician also to will, all the same what he desired. Fortunately, the powerful figure had almost always only good mood. And he took so also a lot of pleasure in his daughter, a giantess. Though she was ugly, a little bit naively, got no man and did not want him also at all. If she, however, could well play, it was a chess. Relatives appeared on many hours during the day with her, played in small and big boards, she played simultaneous and always had a good time deliciously about the mistakes of her opponents.

Their terrible laughter bared dental rows of full gaps and this did not especially feel well to consider. Their second passion consisted in mending food into itself, regularly it stained her garish-coloured clothes which had all one train, assiduous servants and female servants ran to her after to order this when the train had got caught once again somewhere.


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