Jens Marquard


For y’all I´m a fighter,
so put up your lighters,
that it´s getting brighter,
this song´s getting tighter,
I am inspired,
by my favorite diner,
to make our lives finer,
and I won´t retire,
I won´t get tired,
till time´s expired,
I´ll hand out some flyers,
that they´re multipliers,
of fans are acquired,
my language gets drier,
look into your diary,
then meet me in a winery,

I´m a fighter who came,
to see y’all lighters´s flames,
It´s getting brighter not lame,
It´s fitting tighter into frame,
inspired by fame,
diners do the same,
there are finer things,
forget about shame,
never retire in this game,
not getting tired is still my aim,
if joy´s expired don´t go and blame,
me, my statements, my name,
but joy will never be tamed,
now find truth in this claim,

This music´s honey which I sell for money,
my words are funny and sometimes stunning,
let this beat be running, it always feels sunny,
you wanna be my bunny, so stop to be cunning, 


Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Jens Marquard.
Publié sur sur 29.04.2012.


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