Jan Wendler

Better Future

Hard times lie ahead of us
Too many people are out of luck
Hope somewhere in the lost and found
Fortune standing on shaky ground

One step at a time is all we can do
All we can do to pull it through
To think further ahead is beyond our grasp
It might frighten us and make us gasp

Let us pray for a better future
And let’s pray for a better life
Let us all pray and sing together
And together, hope we’ll find

We’re all struggling to get by
Aren’t sure on what we can rely
Now we’re forgetting what really matters
Too often all our dreams were shattered

Yeah we’re trying to survive
Out in a jungle called our lives
Wary of lions that cross our path
Each one could be a sociopath

Let us learn to forgive each other
Let us fight for a better world
All our hate has to be smothered
So that compassion will be unfurled

Let us pray for a better future
And let’s pray for a better life
Let us all live and love together
And together, peace we’ll find

Jan Wendler



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