Kat Mirabile

The Continuous Convesation

No, thank you, I politely decline

As you offer me a sausage in brine.

You give me an irritated stare,

Oh no, I know this sign...


I don’t eat animal products because I care

About all sentient beings and their welfare.

Your ignorance is sweet,

But I am painfully aware


“I also don’t eat that much meat,

Only some days, it’s a special treat.

Why not? It’s always been this way!

What are these animals for if not to eat?”


Well I just don’t find it okay

To enslave any creature and say:

“This decomposing flesh is delicious!”

But, for you, that’s just another day


You don’t think a cow’s live is precious

And you think I am pretentious

Because I think murder and torture is bad

And fruit is tasty and nutritious?


“Oh, that’s just a phase, a passing fad,

A boy needs meat to become a strong lad

Those herbivores just want to be quirky

Not enjoying ribs is mad!”


So go on, slice your turkey,

Eat your bacon and beef jerky

Talk about how meat is great

So you don’t need to feel dirty.


I just want to educate

You about whom you just ate

About the creatures you exploit

And for this it’s not too late!


It’s the truth you want to avoid

“The only life worth living is humanoid!”

Does this thinking make any sense?

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a great exercise” –Freud


How can you call pets your friends

When you have blood on your hands?

Why value canine and feline over bovine?

Why not give veganism a chance?


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