Robert Zabek

long time no see

hey you
felt like
coming over
for a second
or two
it´s been a while
and i wanted to tell you
that i think about you
quite often
i miss
the times that we had
i can´t really forget
and i
don´t want to
i hope 
you feel the same
kind of
been doing this
been doing that
fate deleted
our pact
and i wish
it were possible
to get back in time
but it´s one of those dreams
tend to decline
you know what
i´m thankful
not sad
worth remembering
the fun that we had
goddamn tears
now i wish you just sent me away 
like you always did
when we got too close

"excuse me sir, but visiting hours are over.
see you next time",

the cemetary caretaker gently whispers

Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Robert Zabek.
Publié sur sur 14.07.2017.


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