Robert Zabek


I remember having gone out for a drink, in the midst of my twenties, and as a matter of fact:

having a drink was almost never the main reason for me to go out.

Not in the first place!

I know you know what I mean.

It was quite early in the evening, when all of a sudden a young woman, at about the same age like me, stood next to me.

She looked me in the eye and said :

"Damn, you're, did i just say that out loud?!", she laughed. 
I liked that.

She was hot, obviously horny, and i was still sober, while she must have had a drink or two already.

Good day, i thought to myself.

Then I realized i knew her from some years ago. She used to be the girlfriend of a musician i know, and the truth is: 

I always wanted to bang her.

She had no idea who I was. 

Not back then, not now.

She ordered a cocktail, took a healthy sip and then she decided to sit on my lap.

"What the ... mhm, nice."

So we sat there.

She liked it.

I liked it.

Pretty-bad-ass...i thought to myself.

Meanwhile, she told me how bad her day was.

At least i think that's what she told me.

I didn't really listen.

"I wanna go" she said, at one point.

"Me too" i replied.

I grabbed her by the hand and we left the scene.

I didn't visit Brazzers that night but i felt raped 'cause i had to pay 4 euros for that goddamn fucking beer.

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