Karl Wiener

First Love

A gentle breeze whispers to me

from ancient times a melody.

It tells from carefree confidence

and from youthful innocence

a message from eternity.


We strolled along the riverside,

the sun was shining warm and bright,

we laughed and joked and had much fun,

her hair shone golden in the sun.

We chose a place in fragrant grass.


She leant at a tree; I lay on my back,

my head nestled lovingly up to her lap.

I floated in my mind through the outer space

and raised my eyes to her lovely face.

Her heartbeat melted together with mine.


We were no longer her or me

but a young couple in harmony.

We both felt our precious love.

She lowered her head down from above

and kissed me tenderly on my lips.


There were no worries there was no stress.

We dreamt of a future happiness.

I loved her and she loved me,

the air was full of the melody

just as the breeze now whispers to me.


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