Samoa Rider

You lived, my heart

you hoped, you dreamed
you sang, you screamed
got crushed and cheated
have been mistreated

you´ve been scratched
and you´ve been broken
many words
were left unspoken

you`ve been burnt
and you`ve been frozen
been rejected
been searched and chosen...

I ignored you
and I sealed you
and I patched you
and I healed you
kept you closed
and kept you hidden
trust was wary
love forbidden
until one day
so unsuspected
You stood before me
and I detected
A heart, quite the same
same fears to blame
shivering, shaking
afraid of breaking
trust had to grow
and you started to show
how much you care...
I was ready to dare
to give my heart away again
now you live, my heart…

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Publié sur sur 26.04.2019.


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