Simone Goertz


How I met your siblings yesterday evening

When my feelings were trembling, bursting

Like that chaotic black whole your nerves are steaming from


I see only glitter and indigestible points

A line with no knowledge and voice

I have only solutions brought by a panorama


That seems eons away

I have pulses that come from deep up to a spot

That will forever go faster against the backdrop of your dimension


I have a lot of oxygen and hydrogen

Can you tell me my name?

I have scars that shine as bright as your tears wept down many centuries ago


I have a love of bringing you back when I see your light-rays are longer than my years on earth

When those old wires and clouds pass, I see structures coming to reflect

My loneliness opposite your great tantrum


I want to be born again into your soft swinging

I want to hold your hand in that black frame

I want to be sure we are as similar as can be


I want to know what you have seen

When you have forever closed your eyes until the light reached the surface of Pluto’s inhabitable heart

I want to lay my past in your conglomeration

I want to be guided to the point of the start and to the point of the end

I want to get through that tunnel of life


To have as much room as you

To be everywhere and nowhere

To have no fear







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Publié sur sur 29.07.2019.


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