Matilda Bechtel



Sitting on my bed

Darkness in my hand

The pane in front of me

Covered with a black cloth

Won´t take it away

Looking unwilly at it

But those hands are unyielding

A ugly, not want woman looking reply me

I hate her, hate her body

Her character and her ridiculous thoughts

I raise my hand, slowly, shaky

A short look to the woman in front of me

I hate her, hate her flat butt

Her small breasts and her thick legs

Look at the woman

Look at the last unscarred spot on her body

Put darkness on it

A last, now resolute, look




Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Matilda Bechtel.
Publié sur sur 29.08.2019.


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