Ivan Sokac


It's morning again. It’s a new day and all is clear. Just let us not taint it, let it stay just like that… Same like a tear…


Night took the previous day… And to be honest, it wasn’t some day, or maybe it was?

I lost some dreams on the sidewalk, so I had to find then in my dreams again… But never mind, it’s morning again and everything is clear. Let us just not taint it, let it stay the same. like a tear…


I still don’t know whether today the sun was born or whether the rain cloud wash your and my face. And will the petals of the wild flower whose name I do not know, flutter in the breeze and caress your hair. Just the way I wished it to stay there permanently.


I'm not sure whether love was born today or whether some tears were shed, young, clear… Anyway, it’s like morning, crystal clear. Just let us not taint it, let it stay the same. Like a tear…


And when you look at the sky, you remember that there is someone who loves you, even if he is not near you, even if he is far away or high up above.

That’s why, it is blue, honest and beautiful...

Today you will walk again under the sky, and rejoice for the day that gives you the morning. But do not let it go down somber in eternity, sadden the sky and appear impure. Let it remain as this morning - serene...


May the giants become tamed in your and my embrace and let the wings of iron bird melt in this sun of ours, so it can transform itself into the pigeon and its soul could become gentle...


May this be a prayer to your or to my God. Nevertheless, like morning it’s clear. Just let us not taint it, let it stay just like the way we know it. Same like a tear…


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