Karl-Konrad Knooshood

It's a Trap!

It's a trap,

To believe in their crap,

A lie on every step,

It's a crap,

Like from behind a tap,


Tell me to reflect,

My own will,

Some kind of react,

Might just kill,

What damn sappy thrill!,


It's a trap!,

Such a trip!,

Letting me lose my grip,

It's a whip,

It's a swag,

Such a trap!,

Let me refresh my brain!,

This is it by any other name!,


Alive and still in rage,

Such a cage,

Trapped on this horrific stage,

Wanting to escape,

All their crap,

All their fuckin' rape,

Against our culture,

They live all their cult,

Such a waste,

Of all our lives,


It's a trap,

Such a crap!,

I'm in deeply crape,

Down the drain,

The rain it falls in drape,

It's a trap,

Such a rape,

Gimme a brand-new shape,

To escape,

Such a trap,


How could I keep sane,

No idea,

How to keep ideals,

Some kinda bane,

By any other name,


What s shame!,

Such a crap, flytrap,

I can't keep it longer, this constraint,


The feeling kills in vain!,


It's a trap!,

Such a crap!,

Step into the trap,

Walk in to a crap trap,

What a booby trap,

Fall into the trap!,


Such a crap!,

This terrifying gyp…


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Publié sur e-Stories.org sur 17.11.2019.


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