Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… From under atavistic uses, rites and carpets, hearts and stones,
starting we go, with faith and tension, darkness:
(… Last example? Assault on the US Congress of North America)
therefore the road is strange, unpredictable and hard, and energetic, and dramatic,
but the slabs of this inhospitable 20's, oh and oh,
will give way to the awakening of light, to peace, to progress,
under this ours, this new and huge testament that lashes out at the mobs
of this "Spiritual War" between light and darkness,
and where - let's know it well - each star and entity of the Multiverse make up body and soul
of the Creative Genius, since in Him we instruct the material body and consciousness;
... the lexicon of Brexit, breaks the harp of the world and Anglo-Saxon time,
And while Covid-19 confirms the empire's recent and extinct ax,
Europe cries and the United States elects a president and fury drives him crazy;
... but there is, and there will be, it will arise and it will arise,
- I invoke and say -
the beautiful hosanna of a human song, decidedly, yes, divine and superior,
for the first time on the planet,
for the first time …
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Publié sur sur 12.01.2021.


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