Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… Love, my ara, my kahsika ",
through deep corridors in which being is deity, I deposit you;
[it is a work of spring, of intimate slenderness, of residence]
…  you know ? at this moment I came, because in it you glowed,
in it time treasured the sacred cups of heaven and earth,
the pulse and joy of him,
and this humble and inherent power with which I keep and love you;
[… An honor has been,
a privilege,
a beautiful stay to live]
... and while we are still passing, a song, a chord there is that transcends the air,
the house, its peace and heart,
because everything here, next to you, is alive,
everything encourages,
beats and is;
... lover, lover, in this instant or beam of lights,
- rocking serene, clean and fired -
on the green table I leave the land, the sea, the voice, the light.
Antonio Justel

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Publié sur sur 08.02.2021.


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