Joseph Trance

What's The Draw?

     I have a mystery I'm trying to solve.  It's a data
mystery. and since you and other people like you are the
"Data"  l was hoping you could help me.
  So here it is:  to date I have written 70 short stories for this website, and I'd like to know why some stories draw more
than 7,000 readers while others draw less than 2000. According  to the reader numbers data,

Words of Life 
Who and What You Are
Horseback Ride

Have  all gotten 7,000 + reads..while Turff WARS and TRANSFORMER HARBINGER have had less than 2000

    My 2 favorites HIS BRAIN and KING OF THINGS have had over 10,000 readers each.   Both of those are  "Christian SCIENCE FICTION"  and just about wrote themselves...and 
there is an energy to them that takes readers on two fast
paced journeys I kind of understand those..

So..if you can help me, I'd appreciate it...give the stories ...
these ( or any of them)  a read and tell me what you think...I'm open to comments and constructive criticism...
I'm looking to see to figure out What's The Draw? 
Please help me solve the mystery...



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