Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… I go light, nothing remains;
the fire has consumed my mortal being and belongings,
my reflection or duality, its pieces or portions:
my last light
and my last blade;
... now I am and live in the ungraspable,
reason why I hear and see, feel and revive everywhere,
and there where I sense the earthly disaster with which one day I used and scratched my freedom;
Everything, then, I have given: car, clothes, trousseau, parties, bridges and concepts,
loves and memory,
and so the bones, my own skin and my own souls,
like a fiery torrent, everything, everything is gone;
… The novelty of the risen one is this universal audience or voice,
-the harmony of him-
and also, alas, the enormous nakedness of him: the unnamed peace;

… No, here there is no longer time to save more clock hours;
a new phoenix without end regroups the heart and ignites the song:
the shadow of the light does not exist in it.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

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Publié sur sur 17.09.2021.


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