Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... when burning I cross through the unpleasantness of being,
amid a world on fire, the god roars;
there are pieces of instants, hours, years and ages rolling, purifying,
there are screams of pain and shadows fleeing, noise and sorrow,
and forces that came from the root of time to destroy me
and cover my chest and be total ruin, and thirst;
... while this is happening, I stop and shelter the body on a park bench
because I'm losing my feet and hands, my waist, my face, my passion,
and the wind carries them away;
Cars pass but they are not cars nor birds are birds,
nor are the roses in the garden roses;
and there is no hostility or blasphemous orders, only fallen and defeated body
of my beloved and old being, the one with whom I undertook a deep, serious and long journey
for the land of stone and resurrection;
… Like Osiris, when the night closes, my soul will seek and collect his treasures
and, hiding them, he will leave;
... but before, the afternoon dismembered - where the sun shines, glows and still resists -
the birds swirl and there I go;
… And no, there will be no fear, the light always liberates.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Publié sur sur 18.11.2021.


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