Brigitte Waldner


is no longer endowed with power
to rule over a country politically,
to throw suspects into prison,
and to practice mercantilism.
He is the solo dancer in the ballet,
and wears the most beautiful costume,
every performance looks perfect
according to medieval ritual.
He is in the most beautiful limelight,
the cameras are focused on him,
he doesn't seem to have a private life,
he is committed to the rituals.
Every step is rehearsed,
not a single hop is allowed to go amiss,
He's trained from the moment he's a baby,
to then shoot the film with him.
He has studied the history of art
and has academic titles,
as crown prince he learns some languages,
he has the time and the means.
He is a famous movie superstar
in modern times,
he makes a fairy tale come true for the people,
He is also helpful,

he engages his relatives in social projects.
The royal house is his company,
the noble clan lives in old palaces.
Privately, he lives behind strong walls,
where parks stretch out in between,
which gardeners plant and tend,
he has only to stretch out his hand,
and everything will be given to him.
He chooses the most beautiful girl as his wife,
that she gives him the heir to the throne,
the fairy-tale wedding is put on display,
the unsuitable is taken down.
He lives in another world,
and is financed by taxes,
and actually he doesn't need money,
because he is always invited.
He often travels through his kingdom
to the delight of his subjects,
he travels all over the world at once,
he is invited to all countries,
he can eat for free and see a lot,
even if he is hounded by paparazzi,
nothing bad can happen to him,
the monarch is held in high esteem.

© Brigitte Waldner

Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Brigitte Waldner.
Publié sur sur 13.09.2022.


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