Joseph Trance


    He watched Nathon wobble on the brink of breaking a plate glass window, by throwing the wooden chair he had picked up.
His blood pressure as per the monitor was 180.  Nathan's bright red face was on the verge of busting as sweat poured his face.  The chair shook as he held it over his head, the window a foot away from him.

 "Easy, big guy".  Randy said, as he approached Nathan slowly,  hands  open, palms up.
  "I'm not going to hurt you, no one is going to hurt you."

​​​​"STAY BACK! " Nathan shouted.  "Come any closer and I swear to God I'll break it.". He moved closer to the window. 

Randy stopped his approach and took a small step back. His earpiece crackeled,  and he slowly moved his right hand to it and tapped.   The static died and Luis' voice came through clearly.

"He's going to bust, Rand.  Do it now.  You can't talk him out of this
one. "
Randy nodded his head.  Luis was right.  Nathan's cognition was compromised, he was beyond a talk down.

Randy brought his left arm down, and then moved his wrist to his mouth.  He spoke into his wristwatch.

​​​​​​"Overlay transmit consciousness to Nathan Gars, Program Cathy Brand. " He pressed the green START button.

Nathan swooned, stumbled backwards and dropped the chair, and fell down slowly.   He went unconscious for five seconds.  His body shook,
then he woke up.  His red face returned to a normal color, blood pressure dropped back to 117. 

Randy moved towards him.

 "How you doing big guy?"

​​​​​ Nathan's eyes focused on Randy's face.  Then he smiled and said in Cathy Brand's sweet voice.

 "Guy?!  Oh Randy, you're such a kidder.  But you always make me smile."


Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Joseph Trance.
Publié sur sur 18.11.2022.


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