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Family Wissing,German-Italian stateagencies&illigal experim

In 2007 Michael got to know a girl called Marion Wissing. He got to know her on thr highway in a traffic jam and was attracted by a saying ahe had plugged to her car and he was so intrigued by it that he stepped out of the car on the highway and gave a note with his phone number to that girl.

he got to know her shortly after he finally had been breaking up with silent alcoholist Adelheid Borghorst who had destroyed the good relations I had towards Michael after she from one day to the next moved i ro my home and when I came back from an i ternational language exchange USA Germany that woman with  maiden name Adelheid Mertens lived in my home and comvinced michael that he should not have such a good relations to me because it would not be normal (well her own relationship to her children was horrible and they treated her like if she thought i should treat micharl like that.however.he listened to her and I walked away anyway being an active member of the red cross youth organisation at that time and spending most of my time as a life guard (wasserwacht muelheim an der ruhr) or with the youthgeoup or with my husky dog mix Cessy on the bike in nature and a few months later I got to know sascha broekman where i then spend 6 days a weekk to not needing to be aurrounded by that alcoholic women and her arrogant uneducated sons) .in 2007 micharl had shouted at me that he would forbid me any criticism about his choice of women and practically i lost my speech for more than 7 shocked had i been. But it was no issue either seen i already for 5 years was not living anynore at home and since 2005 even living in a different country. shortly after that so.he had got to know that girl called marion wissing.only 3 years older than me.he her first relationship and having grown up in a monestery of the vatican with then several adoptive parents.

Well. i had nothing to say and reminding michaels reaction regards any criticism and what it caused I had nothing to say to him at all anynore. It was his life and his decision.

That girl got pregnant very quivkly and gave birth to annalen in january 2009 and to raphael in 2012.
She had no contact to her mother but almost daily to her father. She was a fanatic roman catholic and put pressure on my father to request an annulation at the vatican of his first marriage with Mechthild seen she insisted to want to marry in front of thr roman catgolic church and micharl did the favour to her.

i evidently had no interedt to ho to that marriage of baptizement of their first son.
the day aftet their marriage micharl had called me and wad in panic. He said there would have been scary people at the wedding he never had seen before and they would have threatened him that if that marriage would not work out he they would make him loose everything he ever had.
Shortly after I received the invite to the baptizement event of their son raphael and i had even lesser reason to go there and did cut all contacts. Once again having been confirmed on my good i tuition regards his choice of women but it was too late eversince she had been pregnant in 2009 and anna lena was a eonderful little girl whom i had seen in 2009 and 2010 during that i did translocation from italy to germany and to hamburg. And i am sure as well raphael is a great person.
i just preferred to stay away from thode weird dangerous parents of that girl called wissing. Now carrying the name marion junker.

but shortly aftet that baptize event an awkward form of additional stalking and persecution startrd to take place including a man in the nighttrain from graz to hambjrg who started to interrogste me about my relation to my family.he was very spooky.
As well more anf more stalking took place where there were strangers who started to make side comments that would remind of things that were related to michael and janina. It was weird. As well into couchsurfing people started to i fiktrate who started to make comme ts and side comments. So that couchsurfing started to be a dangerous travel platform for me while normally couchsurfing had been a very safe system to travel globalky and making friends with good and nice people from all over the world. But someone had blackmailed me in all couchsurfing groups and at all admins on global scale for being a runaway and should reunite with people i did cut cords with. I simply igbored everything following thr advise of some stalking experts that the best thing is to ignore people who stalk you seen the attention giving to them would only fuel them and confirm them in what theybwould be doing. Otherwise I would have filed police report already in 2012.

why do i add to the title the illigal experiments?

I just today received thr information that the father of marion wissing had been woeking for italian-german fascist state agencies and as written earlier in a different pubmication the mother of her had been related to the hitler elite of Nuernberg. Directly.
as well the guy called lapetina is an acquaintance or relative of thr father of Marion Wissing.

did you ever hear about the European Brain Project Braunschweig Hannover?
then you should read thr italian book "la evoluzione negata".
In thid in detail is written about a nazi german launched geoup experiment where people qere chipped and all neuronalndata merged together in a european brain mapping database.
1 year ago I came to know that an INSANE person in 2014 had subscribed me into thid illigal project without consent and without ever telling me.
This happened at that indane institute of carl loges aka kortex med that i mentioned in the authors commeent in the chapter about enrico saglia.

at some point people started to show up at kortex med to regularly take pictures of me and to let drug my food and the drinking water and similar things. One day they did an entire mapping and analisation of everything of me. Specific body postures, birth marks , the way I move etc. Pretending the course that was in exam phase would need a proband for their physiotherapy exam. All that data went into the experimental database.

All without consent.

It turns out and this info i reveived today that for this were responsible the father of thr new wife of michael and fried heinz theodor junker and Janina maria junker.

I am not even relative with them.

I repeat. I am Saskia Charlotte, born on the 7th of march 1o85 in thr Bethesda Hospital Duisburg.
And Michael is not even my father but this is a different story which I have no intention to publish.
I am neither adopted and neither relative to mechtild.

When will people put all those criminals inro peison???
It does not matter whether they are state agents or not .
what they did are illigal crimes.
there are even idiots who now try to use the excuse they would have married me to hilke or lapetinato save me from the experiments.

well..this is the biggest bullshit ever.

They would have ASKED me if they would have wanted to help me and offered the opportunity to do that and for sure they would not have married me to people they did let enter during the nights from.2016 onwards to abuse me making them believe they would have already marries me in 1993 or in 2016 or whensoever!


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