Mike Arnold

How can I?

How can I?

How can I tell you about infinity? How can you understand my inner sanctum, that lies dormant when the stars are bright? How can you see, what I see, when I look at you? You cannot!

How can I walk this world alone, when I know, that you exist? I can!

What is the tree, without my gaze? What is this world, but my refuge? What is the premise of love, that is felt by many and experienced by few? What is the anchor in the storm? What can be said, when all words fail? Nothing but the truth which is the reflection of my thoughts, of my abode, of my volition!

All meaning starts within, all actions are born from love. Wondering through endless nights, I saw, what must be seen, I heard, what must be heard, I felt, what must be felt. Myself. Me, sleeping in the many false accusations, me within the torrent of errant hopes, me in the many possibilities.

In me is the infinity which I want to share, in me is the sanctum, whose only purpose is to house my will to admire the stars. You can only see yourself, only live through yourself by yourself. What is my presence but a fleeting encounter?

The premise of love is the word of freedom: I live, through me, by me, for me within the space of splendor and you, you wonderful being of light, you are the same!

How can I be, what I am, if not by my own virtue, that, if given, is multiplied?
How can I make you see, what I see? Only with love, unconditional, superior and untamed.
How can I not love you?



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