Mike Arnold

As these stars above


Every single little prick in the dark wall of the infinity above is a burning furnace, that may or may not warm a planet's surface on which, if happiness is part of this realm, lies a couple on their backs and gaze into the dark wall of infinity and he tells her this:

You, as these stars above, throw a spark upon me and let me see, what I could not see

You, as these stars above, are burning proof for the great mind, that sees all, holds everything together and is the love, that binds me to you

You, as these stars above, are my centre, my foundation, on which I build my world and without it, I am lost to a dark tumble that is meaningless and sad

You, as these stars above, are sheer, unadulterated beauty, and every time you rise out of the far-away, my eyes want to rest on your gossamer shining warmth and I long for your embrace, as only a man can, that has seen you walk across a street

You, as these stars above, elevate me, transcend me, make me significant and whole, give me meaning and strength, for, you, as these stars, will always cast this limitless glow upon my soul that lets me smile in the night

You, as these stars above, will be loved by me until the last thing I see on this world is your smiling face, your beautiful, smiling face and I will fade away gladly, for you shone for me


If this planet knows happiness than he, who holds her, lying on his back on this obscure planet is truly blessed, as I am, holding you!


I love you!


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