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Slick  was humble.  Not fancy.  There were  no airs about him, and that's what attracted me to him.  Not in a sexual way, but in a "I like this guy way."  He didn't push himself on people, had this, "Hey, buddy" air about him.  He was no pressure, non pushy, live and let live kinda guy. And he could play the waiting game better than anyone I ever met.  And in that, the ability  to wait and be ok with it, he stole Trust and Confidence.

    Waiting gave him time to study.  To study the ins and outs of people.  It gave him time to analyze your.. soul.  So when he went in for the kill there wasn't any exit.  You were like...trapped.  Caught in a bear trap, a noose around your neck, bound in a box, all tied up with a pretty little bow made out of SELF, because  Slick had been kind and gentle enough to let you be you.  When all along it was a ploy.
So has you shared yourself with him, your hopes and dreams, strengths and faults, he took You into his log book and recorded all of it. In himself.  Your best self, the True You was being recognized, data-rized, and kept.
I  don't know if you have or ever had a Slick in your life 
but take this as a warning.  Be careful  who you share You with.  The world is full of unassuming SLICKS. And they are just waiting patiently for you to let yourself be known  until they have you. .to trap you, bury you in the sweet, gooey liquid of your self.


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