Mike Arnold

There is only light

She, from the river-city, that huddles into the far sides of the remote and troubled country

Her thoughts as troubled as her country, bound to long uttered words, meaningless then

Heavy on her heart now, weighing her down, into an abyss of unanswered questions


She, from the river-city, that holds her head high, even though her eyes are filled with salty remorse, with incrimination and with pain.

Her beauty muffled by a past that is no longer hers, her mind, once souring, held into shackles by men, who were blind and malicious


She, from the river-city, is starlight, born from a fiery end that forbade her grace, molded her pristine spirit, that unyielding strength, that no pain could bend, no insult could besmirch


At the end of a long night awaits the reinvigorating smile upon her worried brow, that tells her about the light, as there is only light, light that braces the scorn, that eases the pain, that heals, what was wounded.

There is only light and you are starlight, my starlight

There is only light


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