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Six-month ASIA ADVENTURE and the thing called LOVE // PART--2

Months after the end of the Asia trip, I visited Stuttgart again. This time alone, but with a pile of slides from the Asia adventure and the great wish to see the nice friends there again. Got the opportunity to present the slides to a large group of young people in a large room in the post office on Leuschnerstrasse.
Unfortunately, I only saw Esther there during the day. Stupidity, impatience coupled with a bit of infantile stubbornness made me break off a day too early. Another clean own goal!

And again typical 'Harry'. On the one hand, I had no complaints about episodes/affairs with the female sex. On the other hand, I might have booked just as many missed opportunities! I found out later from Peter that I had also spoiled a possible night with Esther: Esther had asked why I hadn't visited her the other day?!? ... (Bitter, bitter...because after all it was still the AIDS-free period - means sex without fatal risk !! ;-) )

Also Rosi, a postal worker, an equally remarkable acquaintance there, had to my bad luck no longer have her accommodation in near the post dormitory... (Below more about you and the almost love story)


Still Stuttgart, but back to the Asia trip:

First it was the involuntary stay by the car damage more annoying. Gradually, however, the tide turned... In the post office in Stuttgart-Leuschnerstrasse, we, future travelers from Asia, were not only warmly welcomed and well looked after. There was certainly no lack of handsome young ladies here either. Of course, this did not leave us cold. Only: Peter was as good as out of the running because of his flame Esther.
And it was clear to me: after the lost night in the SCHMIEDEN post dormitory, I wouldn't spend any more there - in a passive suffering form! Just a crazy idea at first; but maybe she would help me out of the emergency ;-): Just stay somewhere else - and, maybe a bit bold - if there is no other way, I'd be happy to stay with Rosi... ;-)

Rosi - a synonym for 'Love on the first view'. Just a brief encounter in the post dormitory was enough and I knew this woman is fantastic!
Rosi - large green-gray eyes; pretty face framed by thick dark hair; sensual mouth; well-proportioned; friendly appearance. In addition a pleasant voice and the most beautiful Bavarian dialect I had ever heard. As far as optics and acoustics. Hopefully I would also get enough opportunity to get to know their inner values, which are certainly also interesting. It really shouldn't be up to me. However, fate (or also the providence of girlfriends?)...

Now Rosi belonged to the 'clan' of the post dormitory; but as a little older younger ;-) already had an extra apartment together with a post friend of the same age.
Esther tried to mediate. And to my great joy, the unbelievable happened: I was actually able to stay at Rosi's! The anticipation quickly replaced the frustrating night before in Stuttgart-SCHMIEDEN...

...After a conversation to get to know each other, the time had come. She came from the NUREMBERG area. Her work in the telecommunications service was only meant to be an interlude; because she ultimately wanted to become a catechist. Ah and oh! That signaled probably not an easy game for me. Rosi slept in one, yours truly was directed gently into the other bed. I wondered whether I could initiate or seek rhetorical or simply physical closeness to Rosi.
It couldn't be true: Happiness wasn't just literally so close and yet nothing moved. Should there be another sleepless night here too? As much as I tried mentally and verbally, Rosi probably loved the distance more... Maybe I was too bold again?

(be continued)


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