Jürgen Wagner

Mother Hulda's Apple Garden

In Mother Hulda's apple grove so fair
The apple trees stood meagre and bare
Nobody could help, it was a plight
The gardens in heaven in need of delight!

An old woman lived down below
Her garden flourished, a vibrant show
All who saw, were filled with awe
Blooms, shrubs and cabbage in grand draw

So Hulda called upon her dearest one
Junker Death, his course right away begun
He knocked upon the old one's door
To take her away, forevermore

But she had a request, oh so sly
To play a game, the stakes were high
Cards were dealt, the game began
She played with skill, she had a plan

"I have but one request, I plea
So grant it kindly, hear my decree:
Let's play cards, the loser's fate
Shall decide, as agreed, our final state."

She proved her skill beyond compare
Against the servants, she'd often dare
No chance, Junker Death, nothing earned
So to Mother Hulda he returned

To his woman he appeared with shame
She scolded him, a fiery flame
He solemnly promised this lady to bring
To save the celestial garden and spring

In sacred nights, his offer laid
"Tend to heaven's gardens," he bade
"If you don't like, I'll bring you back,
To continue your life on the mortal track

Or stay if you wish, revel and be free
In the realms beyond, eternally
She said: "Oh yes, I'll give it a try"
"So quickly say to your home good-bye!"

He brought her up to heaven's gate
She looked inside, made the leap of fate
As a youthful maiden, she frolicked with glee
In the enchanted garden, peaceful and free


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