Antonio Justel Rodriguez


[Fragment for my wife before I became one]

…from you the air carried vertigo and nectar, silica and gold, rain;
It was when a tear appeared in the middle of my chest,
a detachment or shock,
a wild and grandiose explosion, huge and unknown:
an endless light, an immortal song;

…because isn't that sacred moment when the birds are breaths of fire,
between divine ivies and the indigo of the sun and they sing?
It was listening to them, oh lover, when I knew that the night did not exist,
that the earth was opal and crystal, and that the end of the world would consist only
in that a god was not the champion of your sublime mortal hunches;
…return, I want to return to the air, to the condition of total love, to the intense bonfire
in which living water is a source of honor and thirst,
yours and mine, love,
yours and mine;

… I am passing over a field of roses;
I laugh and cry,
I'm looking for you.

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Publié sur sur 26.06.2024.


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