Rolph David

Sanctum of Solitude!

A blue sky in my head, but thoughts obscure the day,
In my ears a voice insists, "You are absolutely not OK."
Inside, a switch set firm, unmoved by any hand,
Sealed with glue and gaffer tape, as if by tight command.

Walls five metres thick encase my lonely world,
A palace of my making, with isolation swirled.
No one can enter, and I cannot leave,
Imprisoned by my own design, where no one can deceive.

Alone, I falter, afraid to hear my mind,
Numbing every feeling, leaving clarity behind.
I barricade my senses, seeking a void to fill,
A prisoner within myself, at the mercy of my will.

In solitude, I struggle, dreading what I'd find,
If ever I confronted the depths within my mind.
Walls that once seemed fortress now feel like a tomb,
A place where I’m confined, a self-inflicted doom.

Five metres high and five another deep,
The walls keep me safe, but also make me weep.
Each layer of concrete, each layer of pain,
Echoes the silence of an endless, numb refrain.

I built this prison strong, to keep the world away,
But now I find its grip grows tighter every day.
In isolation's grasp, I see the truth unfold,
The walls that guard my heart have made my spirit cold.

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Publié sur sur 04.07.2024.


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