Kelly Holmes

Earning Millions. 1.

“Stephy…Come on sweet heart. We are going to be late.”
That’s my mom. We are moving to
Fiji from

America. See, she got engaged and because the man she is marrying owns his business it would be easier for us to move rather than him. I think it is because his rotten stuck up twins, Louis and

Madison refuse to move. Mom keeps on saying, “He is rich. You will have your own room with en suite bathroom and your allowance will become $100 a week!” I’m just like “So?” You know, I am leaving all my friends and it is going to be hard… and I do not like Snot Twins at all! I mean Louis is what my friends would describe as a hottie or buff thing. He has this long kind of curly blonde hair but all he does is talk on the phone to his girlfriend, mooch around with mates and laugh at anything I say. It is embarrassing. And yes I am a year younger than them but there is no need for

Madison to keep calling me “Little girlie.”

Madison has this long dead straight blonde hair and it is her pride and joy, I had a dream the other night about cutting it off in her sleep. That would be hilarious! And of course all she does is go on the phone to her boyfriends and all her girlfriends (She likes to emphasize the all.) and put on make-up and straighten her hair and spend all day in her room listening to who knows? On her $350 CD player.

Madison makes me feel small and ugly. I have shoulder length brown hair with layers and a side fringe which, when she was describing me to a friend on her mobile (I overheard.) She thinks looks cheap and hairdresser was probably a tramp that lives under the statue of liberty. At this her friend obviously couldn’t stop laughing as

Madison looked very pleased of herself. I love my hair it is cute as many people say! Oh, and also apparently I look rough 24-7 because I don’t wear any make-up or designer clothes. I told this to mom and she said I shouldn’t have been eaves dropping and when we move I can get the clothes and make-up. I don’t want it. I won’t change for Madison Lancewood. Oh, the Snot twins are sixteen by the way. They act ten though. I’m fifteen and have always wanted a brother OR a sister. Not two Snot Twins! But mom thought I was being unreasonable and I could tell she was having second thoughts on moving just because of me, and that made me feel bad so now I am acting like everything will be ok. But I can assure you. It won’t. Im probably going to end up dying out there, alone… all alone.

“Stephy! Come on.” My mom waltzed into my room and picked up one of my three bags. She didn’t take two because she is pregnant and has this big thing that any pressure can cause damage to the “Baba” as mom says.
“Stephanie Lancewood!” I hate it when mom does that. Peter and she aren’t even married yet, and whenever she says it a little grin crawls across her face. I quickly picked up a few last possessions, shoved them in my last bag and zipped it up. I followed my mom into the hall but she was already climbing into the taxi. “STEPHANIE, move it!” She screamed but immediately placed her hand on her belly. I walked out the door closing it behind me and threw my bags into the back. I took a glance at the house I had grown up in and my eyes started welling up. I wouldn’t cry. I climbed in the cab next to my mom and the driver started pulling into the road. We were off.
Goodbye sweet house. Goodbye dad I will now never be able to find. Goodbye

America. I took a pillow that was strewn in the back and placed my head on it against the window staring and remembering all the people I would miss so very much. My aunt, uncle and cousins Dido and Leary. Mrs Adder in the local co- op and of course my
Nan. Sweet Nan, whose cups of teas I shared so much. She was who made my buddy bear Lula. Lula was tucked up my jumper now; mom hated me cuddling it all the time. Thought I was far too old. I think you are never too old for anything, as my mother would be the perfect role model to show you… honestly.

As I sat on the plane and looked out the window I almost felt like shouting out that I didn’t want to move, but mom was asleep and I was hungry and mom didn’t like me eating plane food, or she didn’t like it. So I went to the toilet and then grabbed a chocolate chip muffin out of the kitchen I turned the corner but mom was up now so I sat in a spare seat at the front and let the moist muffin tease my taste buds.

It had been a long flight so when we got to the airport in

Fiji I was very tired and not really with it.
“Peter! Darling…” I heard my mom shout dropping her handbag whilst I struggled with the baggage trolley. She leapt into his arms and they started kissing. “Get a room.” I thought.
“Hello Stephanie! Good flight?” Peter asked taking the trolley out of my grip. “Yeah…” I grumbled.
“Look, I’m sorry you had to leave everything. Friends and family… But you’re mom and I are really happy that you did come… staying with your best friend, well… The novelty would have worn off .”
“Actually Peter, My best friend has cancer and was devastated when I left. I am the only one who didn’t think she was a freak for having no hair and deep, black eyes.”
Peter didn’t say a word; he looked at my mother who came rushing up to me in a scurry of wavy skirt and long Black hair. “Now, now Darling.”
We all piled into the car, Snot twins didn’t come. Probably to lazy to get out of bed.
After half an hour we pulled up the drive of this huge mansion. “Wrong house or what? You can’t be that rich Peter?” Ok I know I was being unreasonable, if not a bit rude – which personally I think there should be a prescribed medication for, but hey, I hardly knew this man! My ‘Father to be’.
“Um. Stephanie. Please? Do you want to see you’re room?”
“Okay” I shrugged and picked up my bags. My mom and Peter led me up to the first floor. It was the last room to the left. I walked in slowly and put my bags on the king sized bed with white cover, it was gorgeous I admit. I had an ensuite bathroom and a walk in wardrobe… it was really mature. I felt like my mom, happy and I will admit, a bit excited… yet still sad.
“It’s um, beautiful… Thanks.”
“Are you sure?” My mom asked sitting on the window seat by the bay window.
“Yeah. Really mom. Thanks, and you to Peter… of course.”
“No problem kiddo. I am going to get dinner started ok? How is spag boll?”
“Spag what?” I questioned hugging my mom, before shooing her out. “I need to unpack now, you know, like settle down… Please.”
“Spaghetti Bolognese silly… see you later. Dinners at eight.”
Peter left and mom blew me a few kisses, she really wanted me to be happy. I sat on my window seat and stared out the window, there wasn’t much new… street lights, and kids hanging around parks throwing up… happy couples shopping with their little kids… Nothing new. Except a boy. Now, that was something. There in the house across the way from mine was a boy also looking out his window. He smiled and I wasn’t sure if he was looking at me, but then he raised an eyebrow and waved. I kind of waved back and he grinned.
“You new?” He mouthed across the street. I nodded and he disappeared for a while. Then his head popped up again. “You got a laptop or computer?” This was really hard to figure out; lucky I had all those lip reading lessons.  I nodded again. “Go on chat. Add me Boy_loves_girl”  That he had to write on a bit of paper and hold it up.
“Ok.” I mouthed back. I got my laptop out my bag and added him.
Boy_loves_girl: Hey! You alright?
Princess-Stephy: Yeah. You?
Boy_loves_girl: Yeah. How you like

Fiji so far? You were expecting beaches and palm trees and little huts right?
Princess-Stephy: Well, I just arrived but yeah that’s right. How you guess?
Boy_Loves_Girl: Just moved here eight months ago, I was very shocked, still looking out my window thinking it’s a dream. Ha-ha.
Princess-Stephy: Cool, where you move from?

California, you?

America. What’s your name… age?
Boy_loves_girl: Oh sorry! David… sixteen. You?
Princess-Stephy: Stephanie. Fifteen …
Boy_Loves_Girl: Shih! And you have to put up with

Princess-Stephy: You know her???
Boy_loves_girl: Dated for a while, I dumped her because… yeah well. I know Louis too.
Princess-Stephy: Why did you dump

Boy_loves_girl: Maddy was a bit too mature, if you get me? So she went with someone who would give her what she wants…
Princess-Stephy: I get you. And Louis?
Boy_loves_girl: He is my Twin Sister’s Boyfriend.
Princess-Stephy: Aww. So you know more about my “Family” Than I do ha-ha.
Boy_loves_girl: Probably, look sorry Stephy… I got to go. See you around.
Princess-Stephy: Sure. Bye.
Boy_loves_girl: Terminated.
Princess-Stephy: Terminated

I looked through the window but David had closed his curtains. Damn

Madison… He was buff. Stupid girl, thinks she is all that. There was a knock on my door so I quickly closed my laptop and threw a few clothes on the floor, to look like I had been un-packing. “Come in.” I sat on the floor and started pretending to look for something.
“Hi, you must be Stephanie, the girl who has annoyed me so much on the phone and at that brief Christmas day....”

Madison looked down on my floor with a look of disgust on her face. Nice, considering it’s the first time we have met, like, properly n’all.
“What are you doing?”
“Looking for my, um, Pyjamas. You can sit.” I gestured at the window seat.
“Thanks, I guess. My dad said I should see how you are… so how are you?”
“Oh god Madison! Don’t make too much of an effort, you might, like, break a nail, like, “Oh My God!” You don’t have to see me… You could stay out my way, if you wanted.”
“No, sorry Stephanie. That was mean. Oh excuse me.”

Madison’s phone had started ringing.
“Hello? Oh… hi. Yeah, im with her now. You know? Oh… Why don’t you… Oh right… Sure… Whatever David…”
WAIT! Did I just hear right? David was calling me? On

Madison’s phone? This was trouble. “For you, see you already made a little friend.”

Madison smirked and strutted over to my mirror fiddling with her hair.
“Hi Stephy it is David. I wanted to hear you’re voice…”
“Wait, how did you know I was with

“I saw you through the window. Wanted to make sure she isn’t giving you grief, but I know you can’t answer until she is gone, and she isn’t going to go until… she has her phone back.”
“True!” I started laughing but I didn’t even know what I found funny… He made me want to smile that’s all I can say.
“So, Stephanie, give me you’re mobile number and we can chat tomorrow…”
“Ok, sure.”
So I gave David my number then shooed Madison out, I didn’t need to talk to her anymore.
I walked onto the landing of the stairs. “Im not hungry!!!” I shouted. “Im going to sleep. Night!”
And I did I could hear my mom screaming my name but she stopped shortly to hold her baby bump, and by the time she got to the top of the stairs I would be asleep. And I was.

In the morning, mom didn’t really hold a grudge; otherwise I would have had to eat “Spag Boll” cold for breakfast. I was still pretty tired when

Madison woke me up but I still got ready for my first day at “Pilkington High.” I wore some new clothes mom had got me, a black mini skirt and black strappy vest with a white shrug… the fashion apparently, and I had to wear these little black shoes called Dolly shoes… I could see why, they were tiny!
Mom put some make-up on me, it probably wasn’t even allowed although

Madison wore loads of it. I still wasn’t hungry so mom let me go and I set off with Madison and Louis to school.
Five minutes into our walk, I saw David.
“Um, Louis. Im going to go through the park, you know, look around.” I said.

Madison was on her mobile gossiping about some girl called Ginny Kant.
“Are you kidding? It takes nearly twice as long to get to school that way.” He raised an eyebrow but didn’t really look at me.
“Thanks catch you later. Oh, don’t wait up for me after school. Tell my mom that I will be late.” I waved then ran towards the park gates where David had entered.
“David!” I yelled running up behind him.
“Good, lord! Stephanie. Give me a heart attack much?” He put his arm around my shoulder, it was strange but whatever.
“Sorry. Can we sit for a while, I am out of breath.”
 We walked over to the swings and I dropped my handbag to the floor, flopping onto one. I started swinging slowly sipping some water.
“You look nice, how you know the fashion?”
“Don’t know.

Madison I suppose…” I saw him tense up when I said Madison and he changed the subject quickly.
“You do I’m not going to school right?” He sat beside me and drew pictures in the sand with his foot.
“What? Why? I mean, how?”
“You sound daft!” He laughed. “I can’t bear school, they teach the same thing every Boring day! It so pointless, I go to my Uncle Deans house, he wouldn’t tell a soul. The school have his address and contact too, so my parents don’t have a clue.”
“That’s Stupid!” I stood up and picked up my handbag then I turned to the gate, I stepped out the park. I knew I was acting like a school addict, but I didn’t want to start off at my new school with “Rebel friends”.
“Stephanie!” I could hear David running up behind me so I ran to a bus that was just about to leave and climbed on, I would end up some place near the school because that was the direction it was headed. I looked out the window at David who shrugged at me. Loser, and I thought he was nice. Suddenly a text beeped through to my phone, it was from David.
U does know I was joking? Sorry. C u @ School. X.
I bit my lip and looked back at David who grinned; I could feel my cheeks burning up. But I sent a reply.
OMG. So sorry, c u @ school, x.

Ten minutes later I arrived at school, Louis was right, I was so late! But because it was my first day I got away with it.
I walked into room 108 and twenty three eyes’s stared at me, three girls right at the front of the class, surrounded by boys, looked me up and down. The girl in the middle, Dina I think, had this long blonde hair and a little tiara on her head… it looked like real silver too! One of the boys hanging around her was David… and she was kissing him, full on, like, snogging!
“You… New girl?” Dina strutted up to me, when she had the chance to gasp for air, Cleo and Molly following her close behind.
“Yeah… Stephanie.”
“Right… Hold on a second ok?”
“Sure…” I sat at a table at the back and took out my new pencil case. Dina was whispering to Molly and Cleo who were nodding and laughing un-controllably. Then Dina ushered them back to their place and Dina sat next to me.
“I just want to let you know that this is not an all time thing… And we will need to give you a make over of course… but how about you hang out with us? See how things work?” Dina looked at my pencil case, which was pink and covered in hearts. I had doodled my name on it in silver pen – Stephy. She raised a eyebrow and then looked up to my face. “Only because you wear that outfit just as well as me and I like you’re make-up. Oh and David has said your cool.”
“Um, right. Well thanks…”
“Cool. So. Do you have a Boyfriend…? Stephy?”
“No, you?”
“Duh! Only, Mr so popular! Hottie, David Galleon.”
Dina blew a kiss to David who winked but looked at me with a look that I thought was a bit like, don’t get involved… but I needed friends right? And who could turn down hanging out with the “popular” people? After all back home, In America, I was the biggest nerd imaginable!

Hanging out with Dina, Cleo and Molly was actually quite… fun. Everyone stayed out of my way, and they all knew everything about me. The only downside was that I fancied, David. Big time. But he was taken by my now best friend, yeah, that’s right. Dina chose me over Cleo… Molly was always just the dumb one… but still it was great, it made me feel… Higher? I walked home with David everyday… It was weird after school today, he kept putting my hair behind my ear, and we went into the co-op and he bought me a chocolate… which, I know what you are thinking so? But really, it was a praline and hazelnut one… we shared it and took the long route through the park, I laugh loads around him… and I think… I don’t know but I think he fancies me. We lay on the grass for a while before he started tickling me, I am so ticklish so I got up and play–slapped him before running away, but because he is smart in a “spur of the moment” type of way, he grabbed me round the waist and pulled me towards him. Before I even knew what was happening he was kissing me, and I liked it.
“Wait, look Daniel…” I pulled away from him. “This isn’t right. I have to go.”  I picked up my bag and ran all the way home.

“Darling how was your day?” My mom came up to hug me but I pulled away.
“I shouldn’t have left

America!” I ran to my room and had a long hot shower… I needed it.

Later that night I switched on my Laptop but David was logged on so I switched off quickly. I got a text from him anyway, he obviously saw me.
Stephy, I so sorry! Thought u was up 4 it. DG
I didn’t want to reply but he was looking at me out the window.
I know, David. Can’t do that 2 Dina… Can we 4get it? S
GR8. Still m8s? He replied, straight away.
Sure. I text, keeping it simple.
I smiled out the window to David who winked and drew his curtains. I sat and looked at the stars for a while but was rudely interrupted by

“Listen to me, Stephanie.”

Madison strutted over wearing huge heels and a belt sized mini-skirt.  “Leave David alone!”
“What do you mean?”
“I know that you’re his knew girl. Im not a complete bimbo you… you… freak! Just stay away, right?

Madison! I am not David’s girl and never will be… I feel… nothing, For him. One of my friends is his girl… she is pretty and cool so… don’t try.”
“What are you trying to say

“I think you’ll find im Stephanie Lancewood now... well soon anyway… Maddy…”
I gave a sarcastic wave and put on my telly. “You go now, right?” I raised an eyebrow.
I swear

Madison’s face turned the darkest shade of red I have ever seen on a human! She looked like she had just eaten a lemon. Her mouth twisted up and her ever so thin eyebrows buried into a nearly there wrinkle. Which I kindly told her.
“Do not speak to me… Or you will suffer…

And with that it was a flick of flowing hair and a dent in my carpet from a shiny plastic heel.
I heard the door bell ring and

Madison’s voice was girly, some retard boy that is her pick of the hour probably. Until I looked down from the top floor and there, right in my house, was David. And he was kissing


I had gone to bed after what I had seen; I pretended not to know anything on the way to school with David. Of course it was awkward anyway but… that was for him trying it on with me, not with

Madison. How will I be able to act around Dina today?
“Oh Stephanie! Perfect timing. Can you sing?” Dina asked when I walked into the class.
“Can you dance?”
“Great! Come on.”
Dee what?”
“Stephanie! Auditions for a pop band. And a massive record company will sign us on if we win! We are called “Sweet things. Right?”
“You, me, Cleo and Molly… What’s wrong with you? Here’s the song. Hurry!”
So there I was with a song, which I knew and actually loved, in my hands. And highlighted as my words was… the main part. I followed into the audition room followed closely by Dee, Cleo and Molly and stood on the stage looking for a way out of this. Suddenly though
Dee blurted out our names and our song. And the pianist started.
“I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day…” I sang, with a kind of quiver.
When it was finished Cleo and Molly couldn’t stop gushing about how good I was, but to my surprise Dina looked… miffed. I was absolutely mortified when after school I was walking with David again and he heard me sing. Also apparently Dina thought I wouldn’t be able to sing that’s why she gave me the main part to embarrass myself – but she was my best friend?
“Have you seen that movie… uh, Beauty and the beast?” David asked sitting on the floor for no apparent reason. I sat next to him and nodded. “Yeah, why?”
“Well, the local playhouse is putting on that production. I reckon you should audition.”
“C’mon. By myself? You are joking right?”
“Well… I will do it with you, if you like… I mean…”
“Do you like singing?”
“Uh-huh I took singing lessons for three years, to much of my embarrassment.”
“Have you seen Aladdin?”
“Of course. Mental kid!”
“Well then…” I didn’t know what I was doing… maybe it was because Dina had tried to show me up. Maybe it was because I wanted to give

Madison a piece of her own medicine. I don’t know, but I kissed David, and didn’t stop until we had to breathe. And then it happened again.

I walked in the front door to my mom watching telly.
“Hey mom. You mind if I head out tonight?”
“Well It is a Friday, what time will you be home?”
“No, it’s a sleepover… Tomorrow some time ok?”
“Yeah, that’s good.”
I gave mom a quick kiss and quickly chucked some sleepover essentials into a bag, and my bikini as I was told to take it. Then I slung it over my shoulder and was out the door before you could say, “going to see David.”
I strolled up David’s driveway and placed my bag behind a lavender bush, well hidden. After a soft knock a tall man with a black moustache, opened the door.
“Hey, I’m Stephanie. I moved in across the road. Can I speak to David?”
“Yeah come in. And welcome to

“Oh, thanks.”
I walked into David’s house with, who I gather must be Mr. Galleon. The house was a little bigger than ours, or maybe just less cluttered. But nicely decorated. Obviously they were a house proud family.
“Just wait here Stephanie. He will be down in a minute.”
“Thank you.”
I saw a girl wearing a mini-mini skirt and boob tube with her belly pierced and a shovel of make-up on walk down the stairs and in a beeline towards me. Her short blonde hair was in bunches, and on top of her head sat a cute pair of pink sunglasses – she was obviously one of those retro, cool kids of the town, and she was going out with Louis who was, in a weird way shy yet confident… what?
“Hi, I’m Tammy. David’s twin.”
“Oh yeah. Hey. I’m Stephanie, your boyfriend’s step-sister.”
“I gathered. Um… nice jeans.”
“These old things…”
“Yeah.” I said feeling red rise in my cheeks.
“Ha-ha. Sorry can’t hang out more. Feel free to chat with me online alright? Tammy-baby. Bye.”
And, almost as though she was Dina’s twin or

Madison’s twin, she turned with a flick of the hair, although it didn’t quite work in bunches.. then I realised that Tammy was
Madison’s bum-Chum, her Best friend and the one who

Madison is always on the phone to, the one slagging off to about that Ginny Kant girl.
“Sorry to keep you waiting. What I would do to look gorgeous for my new girl.” David said as he held me in his arms.
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah.” He kissed me and his dad was standing right there! But Mr. Galleon just said “Go.” And picked up a newspaper.
“I guess you met my sister?” David said as he picked up my bag from the bush. Once we had gone outside that is.
“Yeah… she seems quite nice.”
“Hmm.” David took my hand and we walked down to the beach. I know it sound soppy romantic, but he bought me an ice-cream and I had a really good time just talking to him and laughing at his cheesy jokes. And of course kissing under the sunset. I know, I know. But it was really… a warm feeling I guess. I couldn’t say love… well not yet any way.

Later on David walked me to the end Of Dina’s road and then he went home well I just straightened myself out and got ready for a night of apparent “practice” for Sweet things. Cleo has written a song see, and wants me to sing well Dina does the choreography as “Backing dancers” Molly just does what she is told and smiles… I guess. Dina’s house looked like something out of a story book. It was huge, a mansion you could say – similar to my house, but it had an extra floor and the garden was bigger too. I rang the bell and Dina answered in her bikini. She simply said “hey” and walked through the hall out a back door and climbed into a hot tub where Molly and Cleo sat drinking little sundae things.
“You brought your bikini right?” Dina asked eyeing me down.
“Yeah… where can I change?”
“Back through that door, first room to the left.”
So I got changed and came out again and joined the girls in the hot tub. “So have you learnt that song yet?” Molly asked.
“So sing it then.” Dina tutted and sipped her drink whilst staring at me.
“Right…” So I was sitting there in this hot tub singing a song with nothing else. Embarrassing as it was, David turns up! In shorts and climbed in next to Dina who started kissing him. I could tell David was embarrassed to, he obviously didn’t know I would be there still… right? Later on, when it started to get dark we all got changed back into our clothes and while Dina went to fetch a CD from the study, Cleo and Molly were skimming through a book and giggling. David sat next to me and mouthed “Sorry.” I just nodded and purposely totted over to Mollie and Cleo, making sure David got a good look at me in my fitted Levi’s.
“What you guys looking at?” I asked casually, just before I turned around and winked at David.
“Oh this? Its Dina’s diary, it’s so funny.” Molly laughed.
“Molly! It is private and not funny, most probably embarrassing. Especially for…” Cleo nudged her head towards me with an “I’m trying not to laugh.” Look on her face.
“Are you guys allowed to read that?” David piped up, coming to my rescue.
“Of course. We are her best friends.” Cleo said sarcastically. “WE can, you can’t.”  And with that Cleo shut the book and helped Molly to her feet. “As for you Stephanie. What are you actually here for? Us and Dee? Or HIM? Think about that one!”
Cleo Sat on Dina’s bed staring at me and Mollie just followed her lead, but stared at the window instead.
“Cleo, what are you trying to say?” I asked sitting next to her. Of course I shouldn’t have bothered because she just moved away from me.
“I am saying, Stephanie, that I think you fancy David!”
And just because of my rubbish luck, Dina walked on the “You fancy David!” Bit.
“What?” Dina said dropping the CD.
“Dina, Cleo thinks I fancy David… I don’t!”
“Well I do.” David said, calmly as anything. Then to much of my dismay he got up and kissed me, right there in front of his girlfriend, but you know what the worst part is? I didn’t resist. In fact I ran my hand through his hair and hugged him. Great friend huh?
“Get the HELL out of my house! Now!” Dina grabbed onto David’s hand but shoved me out the door. “You have five minutes until security come!”
Then she slammed her bedroom door in my face, I swear to you, I grabbed my coat and bag so fast and literally dropped down those stairs and was out by the bus stop before you could say “Security Alert.”
Thing is I obviously wasn’t quick enough because David was soon after me, and he had my wallet. “I meant what I said Stephy. I love you.”
“No David… Dina will make my school years violent if I listen to any more of what you say. I don’t even know if I can trust you.” I saw my bus pulling in so I quickly hopped on, but David followed me.
“Stephanie, what do you mean by that?”
“I saw you kissing

Madison the other night David. You cheated on Maddy, Cheating on Dina… how will you treat me huh?”
“Did I ever… ever say to either of them that I… that I… love them?”
“I looked down and picked at the fraying on my bag. I soon found David slipping my hair behind my ear and gripping my hand in his. He didn’t say another word until our bus stop. And neither did I.
“Stephanie. I have the strongest feelings for you. That’s why if you don’t want any… relationship… to develop. It’s fine with me.”
“David, give me some time right? Thanks for sticking up for me though.”
I walked as fast as I could up my drive way burst through the front door and by the time I was in my bedroom door I collapsed on the floor and cried. I hate crying too! But… I loved David, and Love was such a strong word. But I did, and I hated Dina for what she was doing. She was playing freaking mind games from the start.  On me and David. I opened my curtain slightly and as I suspected he was sitting there too… A forlorn look on his face and Tammy desperately, trying to figure out what was wrong. I could see Louis standing in the back too, impatiently looking at his watch every few seconds. Obviously he and Tammy were off on a date. After two or three minutes David put his hand on Tammy’s shoulder hugged her briefly and ushered her out the door. Shortly, Tammy and Louis walked out the door holding hands, but Tammy still looked so concerned. When I glanced back up to David’s window he was staring straight at me. Great, Now I looked like the careless wanna-be popular. David gestured to his eyes as though wiping away tears and I realised I was still crying. I shook my head. Then drew my curtains and spent about an hour in the tub.

In the morning there were five texts on my phone three from David, Are you alright? Want to hang at the beach today? Are you ignoring me? And two from Dina; you selfish rat! Watch out on Monday I swear! And the other one; don’t ignore me! What you crying to your mommy?
Obviously I only texted David back, saying I would meet him on the beach at twelve. I joined my mom, peter and snot twins for breakfast. Pancakes. Whilst Mom and Peter cleared up,

Madison used the time to call Tammy. And Louis slid up to me. “What was up with your boyfriend last night? It ruined my night with Tammy because of her concern!”
“One; He isn’t my boyfriend. Two; Ask his girlfriend.”
“He told us Stephanie. Look whatever it is, sort it. I plan on asking Tammy to marry me sometime next week. Keep it zipped right?”
“Louis you are only sixteen.”
“Seventeen in two weeks! Just please…”
I felt bad, secretly, Louis was a really good guy.
“Ok. Thanks for breakfast. I’m headed to the beach!” I called to the kitchen. “Have fun.” Peter and my mom chorused. “And be careful angel.” Mom came through and kissed my head, having to lean as the baby bump was massive and in the way!
I had a white mini skirt and white tank top on, with my pale blue bikini underneath. I just wanted to swim in the sea and have a laugh. Try and forget Dina. Thing was I was in for something much better than a swim. David had got permission to use his dad’s boat. Apparently David’s been learning how to sail since he was five! I must have looked really shocked because David laughed and gestured me to join him. I grabbed his hand and climbed up onto the deck. It was nice, there were flowers everywhere and two chairs had been positioned facing the sea which went from turquoise to navy as it reached the horizon. “It’s beautiful…” I said still holding David’s hand.
“I know right? You want a drink?”
“Yeah.” David handed me an orange juice and sat me down on the chair.
“I’m going to get the boat started and then we will hang out yeah?”
“Great.” I sat and stared out at the sea. I could see some boats further out and on the beach I saw Tammy and Louis. They were cute together actually. Louis was tickling her and she was trying to run away, laughing.
“Tammy really loves him you know.” David said, suddenly sitting next to me. “We are headed towards that big stone there.”
“Sure don’t you need to steer?”
“Nah, it’s just straight ahead. If the waves get strong, which I doubt, then I will have to. These flowers are for you by the way.”
“David. You don’t have to buy me… I do love you, it’s just awkward.”
I leant my head on his shoulder.
“Well it doesn’t need to be.” He placed his arm around me and kissed my head. We just talked… and kissed … on our way to the rock. It was huge actually. David anchored the boat and helped me out. On the rock there were two wet suits and oxygen bags, flippers, goggles.
“You ever been scuba diving Miss Lancewood?”
“No!” We climbed into the suits and David strapped the bags onto my back, they were surprisingly light and it was exactly my size. A few moments later me and David were sitting on the edge of the rock, and falling backwards into the sea. I tell you it was fabulous under that rock. There were colourful plants everywhere and fish of all sizes swimming right past us. David held my hand and we took some photos of the amazing things, with his water-digital camera. It must have been about two hours before we resurfaced for some lunch. David’s cook had made us a whole picnic, sandwiches, crisps, chocolates, drink. Everything. I had a fantastic time. There was no doubt that David was the one… I loved him so much. And I told him that. I couldn’t believe that he organised this whole thing for me.
I only got home at about half past four. I told my mom what we had done, except the kissing part, and then I told Louis when no one was around that I thought Tammy would love to marry him. Then I had a shower as I still smelt of fish and salt and I lay on my bed and watched “Notting Hill” I know right?


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