Daisy Hoffman

The Berlin Lovestory

It was a sunny april-day in Berlin, when Sally was sitting in the hall of her hostel and reading a book. Suddenly there came a man upstairs and sat beside her. Theey began to chat. She was from Italy, Rome. And he was from America, Chicago. Quickly they came to know that they liked eachother. But they never had time to talk because Sally was in Berlin with some friends of her. At the end of her holiday she ran upstairs to his room, 432. But he wasn`t there so she couldn`t even say bye. She went back home but couldn`t sleep, she was so nervous and couldn`t believe she would never see him again. She called the hostel and asked for him. He had already gone. But the hostel contacted him via e-mail and so Sally and Dustin mailed every single day. They arranged to meet in Paris and there they married, lived and loves until the end of their lives. This is a real story.


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