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December fairy tales


When do I dedicate to people even a fairy tale?, Among the rest, if makes me a little bit very sadly, how the too early death of my mother at the age of 60 years. Yes, I have thought, 60 years would be quite early, but in 2009 I read that there was another woman and mother who even already had to go at the age of 55 years. And I dedicate this text to these 2 women because these were just both mothers, means once, the other mother was called Jennifer Anne Mary Alleyne Lash (from the 27th of February, 1938 to the 28th of December, 1993) with full name. To mention surely needlessly whose mother she was. After I had dealt with a part of his films and with the known part of his private life ("Spider" one more of the best films for myself), it was quite natural that also interested me which roots this special person has to show and bumped into the name Jini Lash. What official papers mean and what I do not find even today fair - the death is not fair - is the death date of my mother:


Compared to the death date of Jini Lash arises: my mother died a year later and one day earlier. There one cannot forget such days, even if one wishes it. In the postyule tide no one should have to die, but there is no nice day to the death, because which person already wants to go for good? For me (only for me?) a consolation: „The immortal soul remains.“ And, besides, it makes no difference to me what other people mean about it. Just as I do not know whether this fairy tale could absolutely donate consolation or had to go.


Yes, I allow to play this fairy tale of the death in the fairyland. It should begin with the friends Pittiplatsch, goblin and from all only „of the love“ called, the duck Schnatterinchen, to the dog to Moppi and the protector of these figures: to Mr. master Nadelöhr. Mention only briefly that these fairy tale figures have accompanied me by a large part of my childhood in the GDR time, but this fairy tale is not retold, it has been thought up by me.

The time before Christmas causes of course also in the house of master Nadelöhr active bustle: the master practices a new song on his magic ulna, the others chat in a mess and pack the presents. Pitti has wished nothing and nobody knows why. The fir: a little bit more than 3 metres high and quite fantastically decorated, stands in the hall of the house, here the friends and the master will also receive other fairyland inhabitants on the 24.12., how every year so commonly.

Mother Holle and the sister of the bad snowy queen have it this year well-intentioned: it is snowing incessantly. The fairy of the white Christmas has decided after 10 years that children should have once again much from the white splendour and it happens: the snow is not suited, unfortunately, in such a way at all, around from it to build snowmen, it has ordered the fairy, because this should be possible only after the party. Agile brownies keep day and night the ways and streets in the fairyland, glowworms shine in addition. Rather contemplative it looks and all inhabitants could be happy, these are also, up to the goblin Pitti. He is only irritated by the questions what wishes he itself then now to the party. Because he already has everything what he should say there? Annoyingly he completely speaks for himself before the mirror: „Now, then I wish that quite a while neither animals nor people must die!“

The bad is, this dreadful and of course rash idea comes also true for for a while! Pittis wish has, therefore, so much magic power because he thought up no charms 12 months before to give just all strength in the fulfilment of one single idea and this time the minds can do nothing not to let come true his wish just. The minds of the good ideas can hurry only to the godfather death and report to him.

Godfather death - a gentle magician with black hair, black beard, black eyes and also all remaining is held black - weighs sadly the head to and fro, thanks the minds for the news and swings itself on his black horse to see in the empire of the fairy tales according to the right. Now his black stick with which he has knocked up to now on the earth to announce the last day with it for a person or a door is ineffective and not only he feels this cruelly. Since so badly the death may mostly come along, there are of course animals who live only on the fact that they kill and just eat the dead meat, now all this does not go. And these poor animals wander around like living zombies, without soul, without strength. They ask godfather death to release them, however, shakes the head and says them that a more immense strength than he has them currently, prevents that he can bring the death. However, not only animals suffer, those people are also concerned who long for themselves for which reasons also always, the death and which the doctors can help only partly.

Also work of the people who have to look after all this what deals with death is concerned: no one needs coffins, no corpse is buried or burnt. 3 long weeks pass in such a way.

The calendar points, finally, 24.12. Pitti strikes very well, as depressed suddenly all his friends are and this time all friends from the wood have cried off who appeared, otherwise, for visit, after it has got about what caused Pitti. Protector and

Most bottleneck is also very sad and Pitti asks him why.

„Nevertheless, the death is too cruel, and no one, no animal would like to die, there I have thought that it would feel well....“

The magic master shakes the head. „So cruelly the end may also appear to us, he just simply belongs to it, unfortunately, to the rhythm of the life: one is born, lives and sometime one dies, beginning and end cannot only determine one, but the big time span in between. You as a goblin and immortal being do not understand it and, therefore, you believed to have done to all one fallen. I asked godfather death here to come, he will be same here.“

And the wise not at all so uncanny magician who brings the end enters the hall, admires the gigantic fir and files his flowing black cape, leans his stick by mistake a little bit too carelessly against a wall. Before he can fall down what he is allowed to do now not at all, a brownie reaches for him, puts the stick in a basket in which only screens stand and the godfather is not surprised, the fact that the brownie dies. Since nobody except the death may touch this stick! Sadly he turns to most bottleneck and the friends: „The brownies have worked this year especially hard and just I am sorry this little man very much, only this has known how my animals are to be fed, ancient confidential knowledge belongs to it what even I do not have so especially. Without this little man even my horses must probably starve...“

Pitti wants to say cheeky that he had, nevertheless, now enough time to appropriate this special knowledge, but for what, actually? If godfather death has become pointless, will he not use then his remaining strength for bad things?

Godfather death denies, because he has read Pittis thought. „I am there only in addition to see according to the right, person and animal to release if it is in the time, I would not know at all what I could search for myself, otherwise, as a job. Oh, yes, I could steal the snow for good, because on everything what just not animal or person is and if just somebody touches of itself from the stick: on it I still have influence.“ Before he can do this or something else unthinkingly most bottleneck asks him to the table where food stands already: Duck, roast pork, fish, vegetables, gravy, many kinds of cake and sweet, drinks galore. Godfather death nods, this time he will be the only guest in the house and together one consults what is to be done.

„I have asked myself, why the minds of the good ideas could not help this time,“ Moppi considers loudly. „Then I have remembered: Pitti has expressed a year through no wishes and, therefore, this silly idea came fully true.“ Schnatterinchen and most bottleneck look occasionally from the window, observe a cat who follows her desire and takes a sparrow. However, so much she packs after the bird crudely, the animal that cannot die flutters more deadly than vividly between the little paws of the confused cat. Because also cats can speak in the country of goblins, fairies and magicians, the cat together with the poor animal creeps to most bottleneck and to the godfather death and asks what is wrong with the bird. „If you are hungry, I give you equally other feed, this bird cannot die, will try whether I can cure him.“ Most bottleneck acts what he says and thanks of his forces the bird can soon fly again, now, however, has become immortal what can not also always be so fantastically. The cat rubs herself against the uncanny black clad guest, he radiates a warmth which neither may be of course for him, nor one may get used to them: it is that heat which a body needs to burn and the magician has stored all this in himself what puts out the death. And, among the rest, warmth or better heat belongs to it.

Godfather death must still file the jacket of his suit and see everybody that it is no thin skeleton under all thick clothes, but very well a very strong type of actually uncertain age with mighty muscles, wiry hands and arms. The calm face (with a scar over an eye, enigmatically, but just rather average, as one might expect it. And as it was ordered of all first magicians in the fairyland: the guardian of the death may be neither too nicely nor too nastily) which he has hidden up to now, he turns Pitti, black clever eyes look very sadly when he says:

„What will you do now, goblin? Can you bring back to the animals and people also the death, how have you taken him? As I see, you hesitate, there I myself will have to see how I change the state...“ He notes, how all fear before to him have: black stands to him very good, he needs no mask, does not want to be also looked at all as a villain, nevertheless, he is a magician who has fulfilled his job up to now always to the satisfaction all. All? Deeply in the mountains of the fairyland live gnome who already exist since primeval times that nobody more knows, when the first gnome with family entered in the mountain. To these he could go and ask whether they knew at least advice. But the gnome hate the godfather death, so he cannot go.

„Pitti must provide for the fact that take away the gnome the magic again, I am not able to do it and he himself also not, from the gnomes in the mountain will possibly come help, but they have to do it want.“

Most bottleneck accompanies most near days, it is him 25.12. Pitti to the gnomes, with the sledge one is there simply quick. Through the mountain Pitti alone must go and he already hears far away how the gnome sing happily and laugh. They as only ones are glad about the misfortune of the godfather's death. When Pitti approaches them, they ask him to take a seat at the table, to eat, to drink, to sing and to dance. However, he accepts only under a condition, nevertheless, the gnome would like to cancel his wish. Sadly the upper gnome says to him: „Nevertheless, you are a very clever little fellow, Pitti, know surely exactly, that we to the first - all the same, whether magic being whether animal or person - who comes to us, no wish may beat off, it is then, but one is also our condition: you are allowed back only on the 1.1 of the next year to your friends and the master Nadelöhr, so long it lasts, until the wish has become absolutely ineffective.“

And Pitti still says most answer, that also promises to come again on the 1.1 and to get him from.

From the 25.12 to the 1.1 most bottleneck and godfather death and also the others deal in the house of the magician a lot. Since it has got about that the sparrow might become at least immortal, many other animals also ask for this possibility and what most bottleneck is left: he allows it to them. Godfather death explains one around the other spot that he can do nothing else, than to wait, until the gnome of the mountain have helped.

On the 1.1 Pitti is fetched and the first what happens: the brownie who touched the stick of the death rises come to life to the earth and in it godfather recognises the death which has resolved Pittis wish in air. Now animals and people can follow again after the rhythm of the life her day work and thus it should be and remain till all eternity.

If to itself now one asks whether one has made up for Christmas and for New Year's Eve in the house of Pitti and his friends: one has to the godfather death to loves on it renounced. However, one decides to respect all following parties even more and also to commit more playful and godfather death puts for these days his magic wand at least in the fairyland in the basket which is intended, actually, only for screens and celebrates with. His black hair that can never become grey blows over his head and how he celebrates in such a way, he looks only very gentle, smiles friendly, also a little wistfully. Since he is not allowed to do one: a person or a being dearly love, this would take his strength from him and he would not be immortal any more.


Dieter Franke (*13.10.1934 in Harthau, today to Chemnitz; † 23.10. In 1982 in Berlin) was a German actor.)

Dieter Franke was one of the most popular actors in the GDR time for me. One will not forget his role as a godfather death if one has seen them once: he on an animal riding, as the just only gentle magician who cannot be also cheated, however. I dedicate the fairy tale, besides, also to him and regret very much that I could never again see this fairy tale.


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