Meike Schrut

Another love

Before I went, I considered whom I had seen: his voice sounded a little bit pitiful, sad, stressed. And he stood there anyhow thoughtfully with the child when he had seen me. Or did I pretend his thoughtfulness?

13 o'clock the next day. I had already sealed about the past very short meeting, something remeet lunatic like “Isis and Osiris” and how they in this world. The day passed desolate, I got ready in complete silence, examined my face without makeup in the mirror. Even if he liked made up women, nevertheless, he did not like me.

His about all beloved voice and something sang in me about “Isis which calls to the lover: is welcome to me all the same in which world, only is there again for me.” I did not get rid of these Egyptian figures for over 6 years any more, because this love story had to stir every heart: she patches up him and wakes him to the life. And of course whole All around...!

I leant about that balustrade in whose nearness I could see him yesterday, the stair I was climbed warily, a protection the right side was absent.

“Come please.” Without giving me the hand, now there I sat, a little bit disorientated. The jumble in too much paper, the tiresomely jingling phone, or both rang alternately: there I would like to sort with pleasure sometimes and prepare the coffee to you, besides. I shook the head with the funny thought what probably led to wrong conclusion. ”You did not want to be at all here, is however, thus, or?” I could endure the urgent look only few seconds, then, nevertheless, I put on an apparently calm look, still smiled briefly and fixed him. Thought: “Pay attention only to his eyes which colour do they immediately have? Blue? Green, brown or such a hotchpotch.?” “Here of course I wanted to go be, I do not walk pointlessly before myself.” “You forgive, I had forgotten this.” Why he became so abashed what went me in.?

How a woman like me can also read thought of a man.

“After 6 years she simply goes past thus and lies around?” He looked at me seriously when he said: “I take seriously all writings.” The almost strict look what this had to do? Had he kept possibly the letters which I wrote at that time.? “If you think, I would still have these letters, yes, I have kept them, I have never understood indications so unambiguously.” “I do not know what they had understood, the time has probably proved that you can feel so purely nothing at all for me.” “This is right, I have not dared only at that time to reveal my feelings towards you.” “Love?” I did not trust probably to my ears. “But the child?” “Yes, it is my boy.” He hid being face in the hands.I went to him, knelt down and tried to take his hands of his face what I did not manage. How long I should wait for answer or I should go, it became slowly embarrassing to me. Finally, he stirred, apologised.“Why do you apologise? Because you have a child with another woman?” “You indicated to me sometimes a lot, but to play her way with myself, becomes more and more intolerable.” “If you want to discuss privately something with me: any time.” With it I rose, because other people still wanted what of him. However, he allowed to not go me, deeply saw to me in the eyes, asked: ”I do not know whether I ask there too much from you, we would be able to do ourselves.” “Yes, we can meet, where?” He said me an address and on this day if we still saw ourselves. Time? Oh: because he would deal constantly unexpectedly something other, I may expect please his phone call which would come within the next 2 hours.



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