Mikayla Powell

Half-blood's Change In Body

Chapter 1

(Def:Half-blood:A half human Half vampire. Their own blood will make them weak and posibly sick. Drinking a blood realative's blood is toxic.They can eat human food but it's not recamended for it gives no nutriton.
       Pure:A vampire that can stand a little amount of light, they only use blood as a food sorce.They live longer than ,most humans, 1-3 centuries.aging stops once they live up to the age thirty. Multi creature- It means different type. but not combined. vampires, werewolf, elf, witch ect. Unkown offical's- The controller's of the race's.)

The best way to start the day is with scrapes and an unfamilair bruise that's on your arm that happens to hurt like hell. Untambed hair, dirt patches and smudges on your face and on . . . other places. Sounds great riiiight? And to add to the  list of good things to start the day is a pitch black lybrinth with an assassin that just also happens to be my brother. It's just the icing to the cake. Thank god I'm a Half-blood. After running around in the dark which my eyes had adjusted to almost perfectly, Iturn my direction to a dead end. Not knowing how long I've been in this stupid dirt hole and also not knowing how long I've been away from the "special" high school the Unknown offical's like to tell the humans.
         Lesser Academy the only school that houses multi creature. Crouaching down and pressing the buttons that are on the side of my fancy-smanchy and expensive glowing watch to check the time and date. 3:15 a.m Jul. 23. Wow. I hadn't realized until now that this has been the first time in a few month's that I had checked what time and day it was. My birthday was in five more days. Don't think there' gonna be a sweet sixteen.
         The really good thing about being almost completly blind is is that all other senses are on high alert. I can hear and smell better the only bad thing though is that i can't sense someone's prensence worth crap. Crawling out of my craouch and over to the entrance if the mini cave I still. Making my breathing to a scarce inhale exhale my heart beat fastens.I wait, for the sound or smell of anything. Turning my head to the right, then left I here it. Heavy footsteps, andI smell cigerattes. The smell hit me like a wave. It was Jasper.

"Lea!," Jasper yelled. You could he was smoking a cigeratte, the pause and the sudden out burts of the smell gave it away. "I know you're here, come out. . . don't you think this game of hide-and-seek is a little childish?" He took another wahff of his cigeratte and by the sound of rustling clothing he had leaned againt the wall.
            "Oh great," I breathed. "This is gonna be a long night." The only issue I had with sleeping was that I was in battle mode. Full alert no time to sleep, and also because the peron thaty wanted me dead for some odd reason was right around the corner smoking like there wa no tomorrow. Which in my case might be very true.Crawling a little away from the opening I lean back and replay the song that's been stuck in my head since I've been in here.

"So Lea . . . you gonna come out of your little hole? or do I have to drag you out?" 
               How did he know I was in the dead end? I think searching around as quietly as possible to see if there was any kind of opening that would allow me to escape undetected. Nothing. Not even a crack that you could see me through . . . How then? Crawling back to the opening i look at the direction Jasper was . . . sleeping? Crawling actgually out of my hide out I run the opisite direction trying to keep as quiet as possible. After thinking the distance i put between him and I was a good few miles. Stopping to take a breather, my heart speeds up. Looking over my shoulder I see no one hear nothing. Unsure of what to do next, I stay put.  He's here?! But I feel, hear, see, smell . . . nothing! turning the way I was heading I'm completly blocked by Jasper. Running in to his body hurt a lot more then i would of thought. He was dresed in his usual white t-shirt black jeans and sneakers. Unlike my ivory green eyes which were a common trait in the family, he had icy blue. Scrathching his some how well kept black hair he smiles. Making sure to show the fangs.

"Why hello Lea. Haven't seen you in a while,"Jasper said lowering down to my height, he gently smootehd the patch of dirt that was on my cheek with the back of his hand. Jerking my head back away from his hand he straightned himself shaking his head in a tisk tisk motion. "Why so disobedient? You should respect your elder's Lea" Looking at him puzzled I start to stumble backwards.
"Go away. I don't understand why you're after me, and i really don't care why. Just GO AWAY"
"I can't do that," he said pacing around me hands in pockets "That would not following order's, disobeying wouldn't look good on my record at all. Excpecially in this buiness" He came around me and quickly put me in a choke hold. But he didnt press hard enough for me to lose air.
"You see Lea, people have reasons for doing the things they do. We don't say what they are we just go along and do what ever is needed to be done," Jasper fished through his pockets. Thinking of some way to get out of this situation. The only thing I could think of was to bite him. Leaning my head back readying myself for the champ down he notices my plan and painfully jerks my head up ward.
"No one but me is doing any blood drawing, and pain giving," he says pulling out a sliver dagger that had the words " A victims crossing with the devil bring's pain to all" engraved on the side.
"Like it? A friend Venice gave it to me"

                He places the edge of the blade on my cheek bone and puts pressure on it making it cut into my flesh. The pain was almost unbearable to take. Finally realizing that my arms and hands were free I try to elbow him in the side. While avoiding my attack he was able to make the cut go to my ear, and twist my arm in to a restraint postion against the wall. Dirt getting in to my cut made it hurt more. And the chance of it getting infected was more likely now.
"Nice try, but I don't think so. Lea I really wanted to make this easy for you and me, but your strugling is just making things difficult. I'll you options though to your childness" He removed me from the wall and derestrained me but kept a careful eye on me just in case I was thinking about running.
"Hide-and-seek and you die no warning when I find you . . . OR i can kill you now. Which ever you choose you die"
                 I wavered the options in my head, running seemed the best way to go. Looking behind me were the lybrinth expanded out more. Turned around and bolted once his back was turned. Thinking the distance between us was reasonable I stopped to catch my breath. Even though i was defently away from him i could hear him say " Let the game begin". Those were the only four word i was sure would be the last thing that i would ever hear. Turning forward again I run to where my instinct takes me.



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