Arun Kurkute

a hope is tender than flowers!

                              a  Hope is tender than flowers…
             Every one of us has a hobby. So as I do .my hobby is to wear the flowers on my body. I wear any sort of flowers except the artificial and the weathered ones. It may excite my olfactory buds, just so as of others. I often wear roses which have pricking thorns. I can not avoid non fragrant flowers like lotus, and water –lilies simply because they are flowers with vivid colours .you may wonder how I manage this hobby! It is very simple because I accept the challenge as floral degradation around the world has made the availability of flowers very meager. So it is a skill and you may find this as an adventurous hobby .if I happen to see any flower-garden around ,at first sight , my watchful eyes reads the warning notice boards  which has prohibitory orders as plucking of flowers can be severely penalized. .ignoring all these I pluck the flowers which are hidden behind the leaves .sometimes I even go to ponds, lakes to collect water lilies. As you know ponds are very dangerous to enter in because of easy occurrence of snakes , slippery muds and webs of aqueous plants .would not you appreciate my adventurous hobby? However life is full of risks and no path is headway without ventures ,as everyone knows.. this is how I take care of my hobby without spending a single penny.
                 When I walk on the road or railway station, people have forgotten my original identity and now for them I am a flower wearer .even though, I am not a very very important person ,but where ever I go I am watched by many peeping through their cozy homes and on the way and through the vehicles and pass the comments, some loudly ,some whispering. Some just make gossiping even though they keep physical distance from me .if I happen to pass nearby any group of people ,any body may clear the way for me as a traffic police clears the way for V.V.I.P.saying “ hello  ,flower wearer is coming , please give him way .”Somebody may say , “be careful, flower wearer  is coming.” but there are few people who do not care about these and they want to keep proximity with me. Then someone will shout at them and ask them to be watchful at their  front  and walk on ,they register their protest saying that whether anybody watch it their behind and walk? At least some people express their tender proximity  towards me and I thank them in my heart. even though these hobbies made me a typical person in the surrounding stream and in a way I am segregated  ,even though they appreciate my hobbies and  don’t discard me and uniqueness is attached to me of being  achieved something.
                            Since I wear flowers on my body lots of caterpillar were attracted  towards me  along with kites and bees .many of the times they behave as  if  they are my hobby protectors .if anybody in travel dares to steal a  single flower from me then bees attack and bite them .the offenders screams “ouch ! Animals are not allowed to  carry in the travel. “then I will say ,”animals are not allowed ,but insects are allowed .many people carry lice ,bugs , and mosquitoes along with their luggage and clothes .first stop that and then only preach others .”
                       Now I feel that I am wrapped and buried under the burden of  the tender flowers hoping that I can attract so many butterflies. Instead of that I happen to be surrounded by caterpillars  and their hurting stings.todays caterpillars are tomorrows butterflies. Keeping this theory in my mind I lived happily .suddenly I have seen a butterfly heading towards me and said ,I wish I could have given you a rose flower ,but I feel pity on you since you are under the burden of flowers by adding my one flower why should I increase additional burden on you. If you give me with good faith and affection still I am ready to take it. Your emotion is raw energy to me. Then butterfly says, “ wait till next occasion ,”I exclaimed ,”give me belated !right now !!”butterfly said,”wait till next occasion .”since then I am trying to come out of the wrapped derbies of the flowers.
The words which I am uttering are,”flowers are so tender and heavy. A hope is tender than a flower…?”
                                                                          ---Arun Kurkute.  


Toutes les droites appartiennent à son auteur Il a été publié sur par la demande de Arun Kurkute.
Publié sur sur 16.12.2010.


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