Tetyana Kasima

Bermuda triangle

I woke up and went about my usual business. Checked my e-mail, tweeted, buzzed, facebooked and felt complete. Surfed through the stormy sea of the internet, feeling on the crest of a wave. This is what life is all about ‘bel far niente’. You catch the wave and you ride it, enjoying your life, learning, meeting new people, breathing in fresh sea air. That’s why I put this picture of the sea side on my office table, to remind me of things far and beyond, so I won’t end up in the cultural desert with all this technology.
I check my e-mail, tweet, buzz and look though facebook updates once again. The start reading news from different sources, information comes to me wave after wave and from time to time I look at my apricot coloured beach and calm sea on the picture. This is me Bermuda triangle of productivity for the day. I look at the picture again but this time I stare intently and the wave are carrying me away.
I wake up in the morning and go about my usual business. Check my e-mail, buzz, facebook and feel complete.  I fixed this bottle system where I file my messages away.
Twittered with birds about this and that. Buzzed with bees when they had a lunch break
Then I  put a book over my face and feel asleep on the beach under  not so hot Sun.
This is my Bermuda triangle of creativity and I am happy to be lost here and I am never alone, not even on Fridays.


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