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Bouchon that ‘s what it is. Typical bouchon they use for old homemade wines, also for those jams in weird old bottles. Although this is neither time nor place to get into distant memories. It is better to have an early lunch to avoid traffic jam and go to this nice place which is slightly far  from the office than it should be. The spacious road is not reflecting the state of mind. Head is roaring with traffic and the images of old jams in weird bottles keep turning in my head. Getting to the place in no time does not help either. So stuck – typical bouchon.
Traffic jam made of a single car, traffic jam with no traffic lights to coordinate the flow, traffic jam and just jam.
When fruit have been boiling all together in sugar for hours and you have to put them in separate jars afterwards, how do you know which once will get into which? Does it matter?
Avant- garde ideas come to my mind, colourful triangles mostly red, green and yeallow but still no coordination. Impatient driver behind is drilling your back with his gaze but you are also stuck and pass the heavy gaze onto a person sitting in front of you. Focus is lost like in an old camera without lenses but it is good since you do not see images upside down anymore.


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