Sandy Lindahl

Building for Drug Dealers in Texas

Just after we were married my brother called us when we lived in Minneapolis. He was in Texas and asked if we wanted to help with a building, so off we went (doesn’t take much).  This was 1972.
We had a yard sale (that’s another story) and sold off some nice antiques, most donated from relatives.
So we drive down to just outside of Austin, Texas to a little town called Bastrop.  My brother is building a geodesic dome complex outside of Bastrop.  Of course the owners happen to also be drug dealers (they paid us in cash).
So we help build these domes until a semi-truck falls off the road full of pot, the drivers (not to smart) go into Bastrop to get the local tow truck guy and he wonders what a Dole Pineapple truck is doing in the backwoods of Bastrop and he calls the cops.  The project comes to a screeching halt.
There are many stories of living in Texas, with pictures.


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