Jaydee John Villegas Capuras

The Scar

By: JJV Capuras

I woke up when a ray of light coming from the sun hit my face. I soon realized that it was day time. I slipped off my white blanket and put on my bedroom slippers. I walked my way towards the bathroom just within my room and washed my face. I looked at myself in the mirror while lathering my face with the facial wash. While gently rubbing my face, I touched the small scar just within my jaw line, on the left side. I suddenly recalled why I had the scar. It was a memory that I never wanted to recall. That happened four years ago.

"Mom, I'll call you when I am about to go home, all right?" I said while talking to my mom over the phone. I was at school at that time. It was on a Friday night, at about 6 P.M. Me and my friends were actually going to party all night long. But instead of going to a club, we actually had a thrilling plan, and that was to party in the woods.

"Are you sure you're going to be fine, honey?" my mom asked.

"I sure will. Just don't think of me too much mom. I'll be fine. I promise." I replied.

"All right, and don't forget to bring your phone!" my concerned mom added. My mother already knew what we had planned. At first she was resistant because it could be perilous, but sooner she gave me her consent to do what we wanted to do.

"Right, I will mom. Okay, bye. I love you." I replied and I pressed the end button.

We stayed inside the school until it was almost midnight. The woods was not adjacent to our school so we needed to drive our way there. While we were outside the car, I had second thoughts of doing it, so I asked my friend Paul,

"Are you sure we're doing this?"

"Yes Jack. Don't be a jerk. We'd planned this since last month." he replied.

"All right. Who's driving the car?" I asked.

Mike, Paul, Janice, Sophia and I were on board my Chevrolet SUV and we had a two-hour journey towards the woods. It was in Memphis, Tennessee. When we arrived at the place, the dark, cold, foggy night started to freak me out. I felt something strange. Then I said,

"Guys, I think we should leave."

"What? We're already here." Mike said in a disappointed tone.

"Yeah. This is going to be fun Jack. Please, let's not leave." Sophia said.

I was convinced by my friends so we got out of the car and we started to walk our way deep into the woods. My car was parked in the street, near the old, oak tree. It was a bit far from the woods. It had taken us about an hour before we finally decided to have some rest. So, I told my friends,

"I think we should just stay here."

"All right. Where are the tents?" Janice asked.

We set up everything there: the tents, the bonfire, and everything. I checked my watch, it was almost 3 in the morning. My friends started to turn on the radio and they started to dance. Janice and Paul were partners, while Sophia and Mike were dating at that time. I was the only one without a partner. So while they were dancing and having a drink, I decided to have a walk just nearby. So, I told them,

"Hey guys, I'm going to take a little walk down here."

"Hey, be careful. Ghosts are everywhere. Rawr." Sophia threw a joke as if she was scaring me.

I walked my way down. The woods was a bit mountainous. While walking down, I thought of the woman who dumped me. Her name was Michelle. I'd been courting her for three years but she had been resistant. I just found out she loved someone else. I then decided to sit under a big, old tree. I pondered there for at least 30 minutes. Later on, I heard an indistinct sound. At first, I hadn't figured out where it came from because of the echoes. The sound waves had been jarred. It had been too difficult for me to trace, but not until I saw Sophia running towards me, bathing with her own blood.

"Help me, Jack. Help me." said the poor Sophia, who was barely breathing. She had too many cuts on her face and on her stomach. It seemed like she was devoured by a wild animal.

I was still appalled with what happened to my friend, and I didn't know what to do. I grabbed my hanky and tried to apply pressure on the different injured sites but the hemorrhaging had been unstoppable. After a few minutes, I lost my friend, Sophia. Then I said,

"I am so sorry Sophia." tears started to roll down my cheeks. I had mixed emotions at that time. I felt some guilt, pain, and fear, all mixed up, which made me shiver and speechless.

"What should I do? Oh my God!" I shouted and I was about to pass out with what I witnessed. It was more than chaotic. I just stayed under the tree where I sat down earlier. I was still looking at Sophia's dead body. But one moment, I finally had the idea of calling my mom. When I put my hand into my pocket, to my surprise, the phone wasn't there. I remembered that I had left it inside the tent. Then I said,

"Damn it! Now, what should I do!"

I didn't have the courage to go back to the tent. My fear of getting hurt surmounted my concern for the others.
A few moments later, I heard a little noise. It was still indistinct but a few seconds later, it became more audible. I heard that something was moving swiftly as if it were running and searching for something. I immediately hid behind the big old tree. I was really shocked to have seen a huge bear, about 12 feet tall. It looked infuriated. It was turning its head back and forth, searching for something. Blood filled his huge mouth and was still oozing. I just stayed behind the tree but not until the bear found my friend's body. It still was hungry that's why it looked for it. The bear started to walk towards us and grabbed my friend's body. I was just next to my friend's body so the moment it came close to me, I started to run away and screamed for help.

"Help! Somebody, please help me!"

I ran down the mountain and I didn't care if I would fall down, just as long as I won't get eaten slowly by the gigantic bear for I know that the pain would surely be agonizing. While running my way down, I hadn't noticed a rock on the ground so I hit it and I fell down. My face hit the ground that's why I incurred the scar on my jaw line. The moment I stood up, there I saw the huge bear standing in front of me. Then, I screamed with all my might,

"Noooooooooooooooooo! Get away from me................!"

Before it even got me, I heard a gun shot. A few seconds later, I heard a familiar voice screaming.

"Honey! Honey, are you okay?" my crying mother asked me. Then, I replied by saying,

"Mom! Mom, I am so sorry."

I hugged my mother tightly for she saved my life. I never thought that I'd still live up until now. I was glad that my phone had been set on an auto-answer mode so when my mother had called me up, she had heard my friends screaming as their lives had been taken by the monstrous bear. That's why she called 911 and they immediately rushed into the scene. That incident gave me a lesson. I should always listen to whatever my parents tell me to do. And of course, my iPhone should always be in my pocket.

* End*


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