Emily Darby

I Kissed A Girl

Lexie glanced over her shoulder at the door. Her best friend Emma was late. ‘As usual’ Lexie smiled and turned back to her conversation she was having with a girl from her English class Spencer; who was talking – quite rudely too – about another girl who had recently come out of the closet. “I mean; like whom you want – but do you need to preach it to the world?” Spencer prattled on before she was interrupted “Really Spence? Cause I heard that she told one person, and then it spread like wildfire…hmm I wonder who that could have been” Emma said sliding up beside Lexie and giving her a one armed hug. Spencer turned bright red before making some incoherent noise and sliding away un-noticed. Lexie smiled at her friend and tried not to let the emotions that threatened to spill over control her. “You’re late” she said, her voice teasing. Emma smiled, grabbing her hand, walking backwards and pulling her onto the makeshift dance floor. “Look at it this way Lex; it was only by half an hour tonight” she teased. “And besides, I have an excuse, my room was a disaster, you’d have to sleep on the floor if I’d had left it” she laughed twirling her best friend around as they danced to some Katy Perry song.

It wasn’t till a few hours later that Emma, Lexie and three other girls in their group – Jazmyne, Stacey and Sarah – decided to leave the party and go back to Emma’s for their slumber party. On the walk home Sarah and Lexie were walking a little ahead of the other three before Jazmyne had an idea. “Oi; you two!” she called. Lexie turned so she was walking backwards “Yeah Jazzy?” she responded poking her tongue out at Emma. “I have a game” she laughed as Emma walked up her driveway nudging Lexie out of the way. Emma’s parents were out for the weekend and Emma’s brother was out on some weird male bonding trip with a few of his mates from school. Emma led the way up to her room where the girls changed and lay out sleeping bags before turning to Jazmyne to hear her idea. “Truth or Dare” the girls groaned. Truth or Dare got boring after the second turn from each of them – Stacey refused to take Dares, Emma and Lexie didn’t bother with Truths and Jazmyne was horrible at making up questions and Sarah was too evil at her Dares. “Music Edition” Jazmyne continued. Sarah looked up interested. “Mix it up with spin the bottle to make it truly interesting. So; someone – Emma – will start by spinning the bottle; whoever it lands on is the person who has to do the dare. Then someone hit’s the shuffle button and whatever that song title is has to have a truth or dare made up to it – only catch is, the darer will choose whether it’s a truth or a dare”. Jazmyne finished up her long winded explanation and looked at the girls each in turn. They seemed pretty interested. “Right – let’s go. Emma – you spin first”.
Emma dared Sarah and Lexie to sing a duet together which turned out to be “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Sarah was giggling the entire time and when Lexie looked up at Emma at one point she went bright red which was unusual for her; Sarah got the song “Not Like the Movies” by Katy Perry, and asked Stacey to describe her ideal first time with a guy and who it would be. She surprised them all by admitting that she was currently thinking of a senior named Jake – a surprisingly nice guy for the captain of the football team.  Stacey spun it and it ended up on Jazmyne and got “Don’t you want to Stay” a new song by Kelly Clarkson and made her pretend to ask Emma to spend the night seductively implying that something would happen. Emma spun the bottle and spun it hard. It seemed to spin for an extended amount of time before landing at Lexie. “Finally” she laughed as Jazmyne hit shuffle. There was an extended pause before Jazmyne burst out laughing. “I will hit shuffle again if you want me to?” she asked before turning the laptop towards the girls. “I Kissed A Girl” Lexie read nervously. Emma got a dark glint in her eye. “It’s gonna be a truth right Em? She asked. Emma stared at her best friend. She’d wanted this moment for ages; now that she actually had it in front of her she wasn’t sure if she wanted to risk twelve years of friendship. Lexie was straight, she’d had three boyfriends before, Emma had her fair share of guys but Lexie had always been in the back of her mind –particularly while kissing any of them – and she couldn’t shake the thoughts of her best friend away.

Lexie knew she was bright red considering this. She had wanted this moment since her ex Hayden had asked if she ever thought of having a threesome with him and Emma. Well; not with him there, she wanted Emma’s lips to herself. Emma suddenly cleared her throat.“C’mon Lex; just do it, nobody will know outside of us girls, I promise” she said trying to make her voice sound light. Sarah laughed. “Yeah; it’s like a rite of passage or something” she said. Lexie flopped back on the bed laughing as she looked at her friends. Suddenly Emma’s face was above her. Lexie lost her breath for a moment and closed her eyes to inhale. A few moments later she felt soft lips on hers softly kissing her, while a hand tucked back the hair from her face. Emma gently asked permission with her lips for her to open her mouth which Lexie granted by opening her mouth. They kissed for a few seconds before something nudged and tickled her foot which made her crack up laughing and bury her head in Emma’s neck accidentally kissing it. Emma turned bright red before turning back to the girls “She tastes nice” she giggled before inviting Lexie to spin the bottle herself.

It was later that night after they’d all fallen asleep that Emma woke up. Lexie’s arm had slid around her in her sleep – but that wasn’t the worst/best of it; Emma’s singlet top had slid down in her sleep so Lexie was actually cupping her bare breast. Emma wanted to go back to sleep, but she couldn’t get the (admittedly it felt fantastic) feeling from her abdomen to go away, so she slid out of bed and went to the kitchen. Not five minutes later Lexie came, pushing hair back from her head. “You ‘kay?” she asked getting a drink of water. “Lex?” Emma asked. Lexie turned to her, her blue eyes piercing her. “Did you like the kiss?” she asked nervously.  Lexie blushed hiding her face. Emma took that as her answer, “I’m sorry then” she whispered getting up. Lexie stopped her by grabbing her arm as she went to walk past her. Lexie then did something shocking. She pulled Emma into her and kissed her deeply. Emma wrapped her arms tightly around Lexie and felt her body tighten against hers and fit perfectly together, she could feel every curve in Lexie’s body.  The girls kissed for a few minutes before a dog started barking and scared the two apart. “That’s how much I liked it” Lexie whispered her lips moving sensually against Emma’s ear, making tingles go up and down her
spine. “How long?” Emma asked softly.
“At least a year” Lexie admitted. “You?” she whispered, softly nibbling her ear.
“Three” she whispered running her hands up and down her back. Lexie giggled before pulling Emma in even closer against her. Emma yawned. “Let’s go back to bed.” She said taking her hand. “Oh; and try not to feel up my breast in your sleep again, the other girls don’t need to see that” Emma teased. Lexie moved closer kissing her neck from behind and swatting her ass cheekily. “Who said I was asleep?” Lexie whispered before sneaking past her best friend and sliding back into the bed quietly as not to wake her friends. Emma slid in next to her and wrapped her arms around her. “You better watch out then” she whispered. “I’ll have to get you back twice as bad” she said seriously before snuggling into her girl.  


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